John McAfee Gets Large, Painful Back Tattoo of Skycoin Logo

John McAfee Gets Large, Painful Back Tattoo of Skycoin Logo

“A tattoo that crosses the spine is at the top of the pain charts. This was my second such tattoo. At one point during my tattoo I had to reach deep to find the appropriate curse words,” Tweeted cryptocurrency’s perhaps most infamous celebrity, John McAfee. He is known for his cinematic, near Shakespearean life, and at 73 it appears he is not slowing down.

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John McAfee Promotes New Coin in Unconventional Manner

“I got a Skycoin ( ) tattoo today,” he Tweeted earlier in the day. “My tech folks will stitch a two minute video together that should capture the essence of the experience. For now, this short clip should summarize. Why Skycoin? If you have to ask, you’ve been living in a fucking closet.”

John McAfee Gets Large, Painful Back Tattoo of Skycoin Logo

What would a wild, crazy week in a wild, crazy ecosystem be without at least one news item from John McAfee. Before anyone could have the chance to consider that proposition, McAfee Tweeted out a rather painful looking video of himself being tattooed.

The former software magnate and mogul has spent a great deal of his later years promoting various initial coin offerings (ICOs) and assorted alternative coins and tokens. In addition to running for President of the United States as a Libertarian candidate, he has traveled the world as a highly sought crypto conference key note speaker.

Nobody is Having More Fun

Probably too few in the crypto space are really old enough to have thought of him beyond his current advocacy for alternative forms of digital currency, but McAfee has had a long and colorful life.

John McAfee Gets Large, Painful Back Tattoo of Skycoin Logo

He started a successful software security company, cashed out, moved to South America, and generally lived a life of hedonism and excess. Reports differ as to exactly what happens next, pushing him back to the United States, but something like a property dispute, an accusation of murder, corrupt government, harrowing escape, and eventual seeking of refuge brought him to the crypto orbit eventually.

It’s such a compelling story, it is going to be the subject of a major motion picture. And while it won’t feature the current video (as of this writing nears 10,000 views), readers can be sure McAfee will soak up the attention because he is having more fun than anyone else on the planet.

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