John McAfee Teaches How To Properly Drink Whiskey While Giving Life Advice

Few men are as controversial as John McAfee in the cryptocurrency world. Coming from an enterprise background, and being a security expert himself, you would expect him to be leveled hombre. Instead, we have a highly eccentric man who thinks that the world is behind him because he is the founding father of this new economic renaissance. And while the guy has followers, most of the cryptocurrency folks think that fringe people like him only make the crypto space scary to outsiders.

The good news is that through his dealings with ICO promoting and running from the SEC and other Caribbean governments, he has developed a sense of taste like no other cryptocurrency evangelist, even if that means going to the supermarket to buy the finest things with entourage of bodyguards. In one of his latest tweets he shows us that even if he is loaded to the teeth, he is still humble by at his roots. When he’s not pumping shitcoins in his Twitter account, he knows how to drink scotch, and is good enough to teach us how to do it too.

Known for shilling hard any shitcoin that deposits a lump sum into his wallet, he starts by promoting his favorite club soda Canada Dry. “Any off the shelf shit brand won’t do any good”, he says while finishing his commercial. Then he completes a third of the glass with the aforementioned elixir, without saying anything more about the kind of scotch that he is taking.

He takes the glass and then hits it with the table to create a bubbling effect, much like he tries to do with every project he is paid to shill. And, while he waits for the bubbles to settle, he gives excellent life advice: “Don’t give in to temptation”, much like when you see a shit ICO while feeling optimistic about its future. Then, much how life passes quickly, the drink passes through his mouth and into the belly of the beast.

Funny how a little scotch episode with McAfee can be a life changing experience. Of course, he did not tell about any other substances that glass could have. Sad, we were eager to hear it too.