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TOP CRYPTO TWEETS: Meditating With Ross, Justin Sun Bemoans “Misinformed FUD,” Price Predictions

TL;DR: CoinSpice scours the Twittersphere to shine light upon the top crypto tweets of the week. TRON and Justin Sun refuse to stay out of the headlines, butting heads with Disney. Blockstream’s CSO gets pushback from his Magical Crypto Friends. HEX is turning into a television reality show. Circle sells themselves off limb by limb. Setting aside time to commune with Ross Ulbricht, and other thought-provoking, funny posts. 

Tweets of the Week: #9 Justin Sun Fights Disney Trademark FUD

TRON founder Justin Sun is a one-man marketing machine. His exploits, just this year alone, sparked outrage, curiosity, and surprise. Notoriously, Sun and the TRON team had a lot of trouble giving-away a Tesla at one point. He bid to the tune of millions for a chance to lunch with famed investor Warren Buffett, and then canceled. He was reprimanded, reportedly, by Chinese authorities for his hype. And that’s not even half of his 2019.

More recently, reports surfaced TRON ran into trouble over attempting a US trademark of its brand. Supposedly Disney, owners of the movie franchise with the same name, balked at the idea. Sun responded by calling such news “mis-informed FUD.” He went on to explain how “TRON has filed trademark applications in the United States for various marks in different classes, many of which have not been challenged and are not affected by Disney. Those challenged by Disney belong to supplemental classes and were filed for defensive purposes. They do not affect Tron’s core trademarks.”

Sun insisted his company “has also already received trademark registrations in many other countries around the world,” stressing the incident with Disney “is just a trademark office proceeding on registration and not a determination on Tron’s use of its name. Tron will and can continue to use its well-established name and brand.”

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Justin Sun

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