Lazyfox io is Live: Quora Meets Fiverr, as Users Earn Bitcoin Cash by Problem Solving

Laxyfox io is Live: Quora Meets Fiverr, as Users Earn Bitcoin Cash by Problem Solving

TL;DR: Lazyfox is a new task and question answering platform, mixing the styles of Quora and Fiverr, but powered by the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. CoinSpice had a chance to chat with its creator, Tobias B., a software developer from Berlin, about coming up with the idea. The site fully integrates Badger Wallet as a login/signup method, and developer Jonathan Silverblood even wrote a CashID specification for the site. While it for sure provides a service, it’s also an interesting way to onboard those who’d rather not risk having to purchase cryptocurrency. 

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Lazyfox Seeks to Solve an Onboarding Problem

Lazyfox is a simple platform attacking a common problem: how to get people into cryptocurrency without having them buy it. With Lazyfox, anyone can earn cryptocurrencies by completing tasks or answering questions, testing for themselves the power of peer-to-peer electronic cash as a mean of exchange.

LazyFox, the BCH Powered Task Platform Is Going Live: We Interview Its Creator

The platform, in beta, also aims to create a collaborative community, stating they “believe that everyone has something to offer and some things that need to be done. As a result, we welcome everyone to be part of our community and encourage you to ask questions, answer questions, delegate work, fulfill work and resolve conflicts that might arise. A plus: you might receive some Bitcoin Cash on the way.”

Interview Creator, Tobias B.

CoinSpice: In a nutshell, what is Lazyfox? How would you define it?

Lazyfox is a bitcoin cash powered mix of a q&a and a tasking site. Users can ask questions and set up a reward for people who answer it. As the financial reward can blur the boundaries between question and task, I make no real difference between them on my site.

LazyFox, the BCH Powered Task Platform Is Going Live: We Interview Its Creator
Tasks available on Lazyfox

What motivated you to build this initiative in the first place?

I became very excited about bitcoin somewhere around 2014, I think. Back then, there was not enough focus on the actual use of bitcoin, so I wanted to build something that gives people a reason to use it.

I think (and thought) mass adoption is the most important thing to achieve (that’s why the block size debate was especially frustrating to me). This way, bitcoin will become much more resistant to any attempts of taking it down, other than just by running on Raspberry Pi.

Also, I wanted to build it in a way that makes it fun to use, and clearly shows even non-enthusiasts that there are use-cases that are even more convenient when realized with crypto. I’ve been building this for quite some time now. I started about 3 1/2 years ago, building it evenings and weekends.

Laxyfox io is Live: Quora Meets Fiverr, as Users Earn Bitcoin Cash by Problem Solving

So, it started as a hobby and then slowly took form?

Well, being interested in bitcoin was and is certainly a hobby, but the project was from the start planned to become a sustainable enterprise one day. But, for monetary reasons, I could only work on evenings because I still had my full-time job at that time.

Did you think about solving the onboarding problem when you were building Lazyfox?

One of my big goals was to make the signup process as simple as possible. No email address or other personal data required to signup, just a username. Also, I don’t want any PayPal or credit card information from users. This is something where crypto gives me a competitive advantage. It’s really something I like about crypto: I think people have a right to privacy and every information they give away is potentially hacked and at some point public. So using crypto lets me combine being as little annoying as possible to the user (usability) while standing behind my beliefs with regard to a right of privacy. The integration of Badger Wallet brought this to the next level.

Have you integrated Lazyfox with Badger Wallet?

Yes. I hope that crypto enthusiasts can make non-crypto believers sign up because everyone likes uncomplicated ways to get money. Every task is an invitation for someone who can answer it to sign up.

LazyFox, the BCH Powered Task Platform Is Going Live: We Interview Its Creator
Lazyfox features Badger Wallet integration

Why did you choose Bitcoin Cash specifically for this initiative?

It happened kind of naturally. When I started, bitcoin bash didn’t exist yet, and I had BTC integrated. Then when the block size debated started I changed to go multi-currency (BTC, ETH, DASH) because I did not want to rely on Core not screwing it up. But I think I always liked the idea more to just support one currency to make it less complex and confusing for people who never even had anything to do with crypto. So, when Bitcoin Cash forked off I was happy to exclusively support it, as it gives me everything I need: cheap, on-chain transactions.

It seems like you’re optimistic for the future. 

Yes, I’m quite optimistic!

I hope that people will recognize the usefulness of crypto and it becomes a normal part of life for a big part of the global population. I think people will use crypto, not in the hope of getting rich from it but because it honestly makes their lives easier. From then on, there will be no way for anyone to stop the crypto revolution. I hope Lazyfox will play a small part in that.

The Bitcoin Cash community shouldn’t lose motivation in this rough bear market. I think there’s a lot being built on it right now, and I don’t really see any other coin that would make more sense to build upon at the moment.

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