Ledger Acknowledges Data Breach; Grayscale Hits ATH Numbers; Missing Cryptoqueen Podcast Returns!

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Ledger acknowledges customer data breach. Grayscale reaches ATH numbers. Coinbase to offer interest on Dai savings. Ethereum price hike causes GPU shortage. BBC podcast The Missing Cryptoqueen to continue, and Central Bank of Philippines considers issuing a digital currency.

Ledger Acknowledges Customer Data Breach


Ledger, one of the leading hardware wallet manufacturers, acknowledged it suffered a recent data breach that compromised customer information. The company announced this was the result of an exploit previously patched that was leveraged by an attacker to obtain customer’s email addresses, also first and last names, postal addresses, and phone number in some cases. More than 9,500 customers were affected, but Ledger claims neither payment information nor credentials were leaked.

Grayscale Hits ATH Numbers in Assets Under Management

The latest cryptocurrency market pump made institutional holders aware of the importance of it, and institution focused exchanges are profiting. Grayscale, the biggest cryptocurrency investment fund, reached ATH numbers of assets under management, $5.1 billion. This is in part because investors are paying premiums to enjoy these kinds of instruments. In just one day, the number of assets under management rose $300 million, according to updates offered by Grayscale’s Twitter account daily.

Coinbase to Offer Interest on Dai Savings


Coinbase, a normie friendly cryptocurrency exchange, announced it will start paying its customers 2% APY for saving in Dai, an Ethereum-based stablecoin. The company is rolling these changes in US, UK, Netherlands, Spain, France, and Australia. With interests offered by banks at absolute lows all around the world, Coinbase introduces these instruments as an attractive way of generating passive income with cryptocurrency assets. Coinbase also offers this kind of instrument for USDC, another stablecoin issued by the same exchange.

Ethereum Price Rise Creates GPU Shortages


The recent price hike experienced by Ethereum made people consider Ethereum mining as a considerable source of income, creating shortages in the availability of GPUs in the market. Nvidia, one of the leading GPU manufacturers, is also being blamed, in part because it is phasing out its latest graphics product (RTX 20 series) at the wrong time, among coronavirus pandemic woes. A miner manufacturer stated GPU companies “limit the mining industry’s procurement to avoid the impact on the subsequent consumer market.”

BBC Announces “The Missing CryptoQueen” Podcast Will Continue

BBC Sounds and Jamie Bartlett, the producer of The Missing Cryptoqueen podcast, that deals with the scam scheme of OneCoin, announced there will be a continuation of this podcast in the near future. “You didn’t think we were going to stop, did you?,” declares the new teaser posted on BBC Sounds. It that promises to reveal more of the secrets the OneCoin scam and its leader Ruja Ignatova, who took approximately $4 billion from investors all over the world, and disappeared without a trace back in 2017.

Philippines Considers to Issue Official Central Bank Digital Currency

The Central Bank of Philippines is considering issuance of an official central bank digital currency, according to reports from Bloomberg. The institution created a committee to research the feasibility of this idea and how it could be executed. “We have to first look at the findings of the group before making a decision,” declared Governor Benjamin Diokno in a virtual briefing. Philippines is just the last country to examine the possibility of the creation of a digital currency, while China is already in the testing stages.

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