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LIVESTREAM: Roger Ver (Bitcoin.com), Nic Cary (Blockchain.com), Bitcoin Cash Devs London Meetup

TL;DR: Tuesday, November 19, 2019 at 1pm EST, Nic Cary of Blockchain.com will host Bitcoin.com Chairman Roger Ver, developers Tobias Ruck and Rosco Kalis, along with thought leaders Justin Bons and Brett Scott, at a Bitcoin Cash meetup in London, England. CoinSpice will livestream the event.

Bitcoin Cash Meetup in London

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) meetups happen all over the world. By themselves, they’re not necessarily newsworthy. However, this one features some of the ecosystem’s premiere thinkers on the subject of peer-to-peer electronic cash at a critical time for projects such as BCH.

Host Nic Cary is well-known to veterans of the space, having co-founded Blockchain.com (formerly .info) — a seminal portal and wallet in the battle for cryptocurrency adoption. Joining him is Bitcoin.com Chairman Roger Ver, perhaps the very personification of bringing people into the crypto universe.

Slightly lesser known are thought leaders such as Brett Scott, author of The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money. He’ll be giving a talk titled, The War on Cash. Scott believes there is a meaningful connection between the cash idea and personal freedom in a decidedly unfree world. Continuing on that theme is Ver’s scheduled presentation, The War on Bitcoin, a topic for which he’s become legendary over the last couple of years especially.

Exciting too are two presentations from actual engineers. Rosco Kalis will detail his work, Smart Contracts on BCH, taking what he’s learned from the Ethereum chain and applying it to BCH. His development of CashScript is setting the Bitcoin Cash world on fire, and he’ll be given a chance to elaborate a bit more on the subject. The lead developer at SLPDEX, Tobias Ruck, has come on strong of late with his be.cash project. It facilitates offline wallet use and, more recently, NFC smart-card incorporation which he’ll likely demonstrate.

18:00 Doors, networking, Bitcoin bar

18:45 Brett Scott
19:15 Roger Ver

19:45 Break, Bitcoin bar

20:00 Rosco Kalis
20:30 Tobias Ruck

Bitcoin Cash

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