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Missing Cryptoqueen OneCoin Saga to Become Multi-Episodic Television Drama

TL;DR: According to an entertainment industry source, the popular podcast The Missing Cryptoqueen was acquired by a studio for the purposes of adapting it as a multi-episodic television drama. The OneCoin saga involving an international Ponzi scheme led by a mysteriously disappeared charismatic woman, known as Dr. Ruja, continues to play out in real life. 

Missing Cryptoqueen OneCoin Saga Moves to Tlevision

“Was deep in edit last night so missed all this excitement,” The Missing Cryptoqueen co-producer Georgia Catt posted, “but…’The Missing Cryptoqueen plays out like the most gripping drama… a cautionary tale needed to be brought into mainstream consciousness,’” she quoted from a trade announcement. “Hope it continues to get word out about OneCoin around the world.”

Catt and co-producer/writer Jamie Bartlett documented their hunt last year for Dr. Ruja in real-time. The 8 part series on BBC Sounds became mandatory listening. Each week, a twist or turn occurred, as those who tuned-in learned more about the sorted history of OneCoin, Dr. Ruja, the many victims and their incredible personal stories, and billions, yes billions, in fraud.

OneCoin was literally launched on the speculative hype around Bitcoin, especially ramping up in 2015, lasting seemingly without end through late 2017 (some say into the present day). Where conceptually Bitcoin might have been difficult to understand or follow in terms of logic, OneCoin and its head, Dr. Ruja Ignatova, seized on its lack of central authority, a factor that might’ve made regular folks nervous, and combined that with a form of hype so infamous in the multi-level marketing world. It worked.

Listen to interviews with The Missing Cryptoqueen’s creator Jamie Bartlett (here) and hero Tim Tayshun (here) on the CoinSpice Podcast. 

The Battle for Truth and Justice Still Continues

Bitcoin didn’t have offices or people. OneCoin did, and as bitcoin rose in price, seemingly without explanation, a “better” version of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency was always just right around the corner in the form of OneCoin. Dr. Ruja and her cohorts targeted less financially and technologically sophisticated and literate populations, promising incredible gains amid a new, more democratic economic order. By the time of Dr. Ruja’s sudden ghosting at OneCoin’s most lucrative phase in late 2017, it was already too late. What mainstream analysts called among the biggest scams in history had taken on a life of its own … stacking victims from nearly every country on the planet.

“In a highly competitive situation,” Deadline explained, “New Regency Television International has won screen rights to hit BBC Sounds podcast The Missing Cryptoqueen.” Both Bartlett and Catt will have a hand in the adaptation, apparently. “The producer-financier is in talks with writers and directors with the intention of setting the project as a multi-episodic drama,” the online trade publication noted.

Both Bartlett and Catt are keen to involve real-life heroes of the story such as the dogged vigilantly sleuth Tim Tayshun and his initially reluctant partner Jen McAdam (a OneCoin true believer who Tayshun eventually convinced otherwise). “The battle for truth and justice still continues for us and hopefully this year will bring news that they have caught Ruja after nearly 4 years of this onecoin hell may 2020 bring the victims the justice, healing and peace they deserve,” McAdam commented on news The Missing Cryptoqueen will move to dramatic television.

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