Charlie Lee Props Up Litecoin Foundation, Moscow Blockchain Voting Cracked, Crypterium BCH

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Moscow blockchain voting system cracked. Donations from Charlie Lee account for 80% of Litecoin Foundation funding since 2017. Crypterium wallet adds BCH support. The University of California will accelerate blockchain course adoption. Peter Schiff declares bitcoin will never get to $50K, and CoinEx lists SideShit’s SAI acceleration phase prior to its listing.

Moscow Blockchain Voting System Cracked


The blockchain-based voting system that will be used to elect the municipal parliament in Moscow next September has been cracked by a French security researcher. Pierrick Gaudry, who was auditing the code corresponding to the system, found the private keys could be computed using their public counterparts due to its short length. Gaudry said the Moscow system keys could be “broken in about 20 minutes using a standard personal computer.” The Russian Government assured this will be corrected and will deliver a reward of $15K to Gaudry.

After Selling Off His Stash, Charlie Lee Still Accounts for 80% of Litecoin Foundation Donations


Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, has been criticized for selling his Litecoin stash at ATH prices. However, even after doing this, he still accounts for 80% of the donations made to the Litecoin Foundation since 2017, according to an interview with Litecoin Foundation board director Xinxi Wang. Wang declared that “this should be seen as a tremendous indicator of Charlie’s belief in LTC and commitment to the project. The community has also helped greatly.”

Crypterium Adds Support for Bitcoin Cash


Crypterium, a cryptocurrency wallet company that also has credit cards associated with it, recently announced they are adding support for bitcoin cash. This new listing occurred due to “the rising popularity of BCH among our community,” according to their official PR statement. Now users will be able to purchase, sell, trade or exchange their bitcoin cash funds for fiat using the benefits of the Crypterium platform.

University of California to Accelerate Blockchain Course Adoption

Three campuses of the University of California partnered with MouseBelt, a blockchain incubator, to educate, lead and fund blockchain-based initiatives. While blockchain courses are all the rage right now, there is a lack of funding for student startups. MouseBelt is betting blockchain is the future. “We believe blockchain technology is poised to be the CS 101 for Generation Z,” Program Director Ashlie Meredith declared.

Peter Schiff: “Bitcoin Price Will Never Hit $50K”

Price predictions for cryptocurrencies and bitcoin have proved to be hit and miss. Gold shill Peter Schiff recently predicted the bitcoin price “will never hit $50k,” when answering to perma-bull Tom Lee, co-founder of investment boutique outfit Fundstrat. Schiff also predicted gold will eventually reach $5K. Bitcoin’s bull run slowed recently, and its price has now found a kind of stability at the $10K level.

CoinEx Announces SideShift’s SAI Token Accelerator

Cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx started the accelerator phase of a new listing in its lineup. SAI is the native token of swap service, a platform offering immediate cryptocurrency swaps without any kind of KYC measures involved. SAI is available as an Ethereum and also as an SLP token. The CoinEx accelerator program will let users enter a raffle to buy SAI at heavily discounted prices, distributing 2,100,000 SAI to all of its users depending on their holdings.

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