Murder of John Galton in Acapulco: Presidential Candidate Adam Kokesh Weighs-In

TL;DR: The cryptocurrency community in Acapulco, Mexico was stunned by the recent murder of enthusiast John Galton. Mainstream media accounts continue to focus on supposed lurid details of the man’s philosophy and lifestyle, and they’ve made for vicious comment fodder on outlets such as YouTube from curious onlookers. Anarchism is a subset of the broader crypto movement, and the story appears to be about how the space reacts and deals with an, as yet, unsolved homicide as much as the ins and outs of what actually happened. Long time crypto advocate and current presidential candidate Adam Kokesh has entered that debate, and quite publicly. This is the second part of a longer podcast episode, where Kokesh discusses his reasoning for involving himself, dealings with the Acapulco community, and what, if anything, he believes the community should do going forward. All three parts, the episode in its entirely, Galton’s murder, and Kokesh’s activism are available embedded in this article, below, or on YouTubeiTunesSpotifyGoogle PodcastsStitcherRadio PublicBreakerPocketCasts, and PodBean.

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Crypto Enthusiast John Galton Murdered in Acapulco: Adam Kokesh Weighs-In

As of publication, precious little is known beyond rumors and screenshots as to what exactly happened in John Galton’s murder. What is known, CoinSpice published, and the story appears to have stopped there for now.

Enter Adam Kokesh. He’s a long time cryptocurrency advocate, and he’s running for president, attempting to nab the Libertarian Party nomination. Kokesh is part bomb thrower, activist, anarchist, polemicist.

Kokesh often talks about his time in the military, and uses it to further his activism.

The podcast’s focus initially was Kokesh’s candidacy, and review of his more than a decade of activism. He came to prominence after daring to dance on the site of a monument in Washington, DC. From there, his legend grew through unorthodox protests by offering himself up for arrest, … several times.

Kokesh’s life and employing cryptocurrency as a means of promoting his philosophy of anarchy, voluntaryism, is fascinating. In the first part of the episode (CoinSpice Podcast 8), he explains how he got involved in Bitcoin relatively early, and how he used it to fund his book project, Freedom.

Community Reaction

The above episode embed is CoinSpice Podcast 7 Adam Kokesh on John Galton Murder, second part of a longer episode (CoinSpice Podcast 9), and follows the initial discussion (CoinSpice Podcast 8) about Kokesh’s campaign and activism.

Anarchapulco organizer Jeff Berwick recently discussed the murder while promoting the event, and he appeared to attribute, at least twice, allegations of the couple’s possibly “competing” with notorious Mexican drug cartels as a main contributing factor. Berwick stressed cartels do not take kindly to those who deal without permission.

Lily’s response on February 3rd, 2019 in a Telegram chat group.

Lily, John’s partner, two days after the murder, made no mention of cartel involvement. A question by a Telegram group member asked, “Has anybody heard something of Paul (~Propert) ? He went down to Acapulco in a US School bus 2 years ago and went offline. I heard the cartel was chasing him a year ago.” Lily responded, “He is responsible for the death. I hope he just flees the city.” Another commenter, immediately following, questioned whether such a discussion was appropriate in so public a setting.

Kokesh furthers this exchange as well, as he finds the cartel theory to be too convenient. He discloses having a dispute with Anarchapulco organizers, and gives his impressions of the overall scene. He was sure to insist he does not know what happened and is not accusing anyone of involvement. The anarchist and Acapulco community, for its part, has begun something of an introspection. The same Telegram chat group frequently appeals for open dialog and less speculation, openly worrying about the impression left to the outside world. CoinSpice reached out to Anarchapulco organizers, asking for comment to Kokesh’s statements. They preferred to not be quoted by name, and instead emphasized their answer will be the conference itself, which begins Valentine’s Day.

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