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Mysterious $400,000 BTC Donation to Grin, Bakkt Institutional Custody, BCH Triumphs in Venezuela

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Mysterious Grin donation surprises cryptosphere. Bakkt launches an institutional custody solution. Bitcoin Cash trumps BTC in Venezuela. CoinEx Chain Mainnet launches. Lolli partners Alibaba to give bitcoin rewards, and Canaan Creative will present IPO next November 20.

Mysterious Grin Donation Raises Eyebrows

mysterious Grin donation

A mysterious Grin donation of 50BTC, nearly half a million dollars, has taken the cryptocurrency world by surprise. The interesting fact about the donation is that these coins were mined back in 2010, and have just been moved. Some people are even thinking the anonymous donor could be Satoshi Nakamoto herself. The donor stated Grin felt “like 2009/2010 again,” referring to the MimbleWimble project, a quote interpreted as a proof of him/her being an early Bitcoiner.

Bakkt Launches Institutional Grade Bitcoin Custody Solution

mysterious Grin donation

Bakkt, a bitcoin futures exchange, launched its custody solution directed to institutional targets. Called Bakkt Warehouse, the custody platform previously available only to Bakkt future contracts customers is open to all interested parties after the company received a BitLicense from the state of New York. The first costumers of the solution will be Pantera Capital, Galaxy Digital, and Tagomi. Bakkt commented they will be adding some other marquee firms as well.

Bitcoin Cash Beats BTC in Venezuela

mysterious Grin donation

Bitcoin Cash has beaten BTC in Venezuela, according to numbers published by Brazilian outlet Cointimes. While BTC is still wildly popular, the number of venues accepting it are less than the ones taking Bitcoin Cash, whose adoption push has been successful in the country. 323 venues accept BTC, but Bitcoin Cash has 360 venues just in the capital alone, and it has still more merchants than BTC in the whole country.

CoinEx Chain Mainnet Launched

CoinEx Chain, the DEX and token solution of the popular exchange CoinEx, launched its mainnet successfully after months of development and research. Now, CET, the official token of the exchange, becomes the base currency of the public chain. Node validator candidates will have to withdraw their CET from the exchange and deposit into the supported wallets that will then elect validators in the Nodes election. Easy creation of tokens is also a reality now with the mainnet launched, a strong point of the new focus.

Lolli Partners with Alibaba in Bitcoin Cashback Campaign

Lolli, the company focused on giving bitcoin rewards for shopping with its app, partnered with Alibaba, the China-based e-commerce giant, to offer bitcoin using the app from the US during the Asian holiday equivalent to Black Friday, Singles Day. According to Aubrey Strobel, Lolli’s head of communications, “Its products would be shipped from China to U.S. users,” with Chinese residents unable to participate. While this promotion will be US only, Lolli has plans to expand around the world.

Canaan Creative Mining Manufacturer to Launch IPO November 20

Canaam Creative, Bitmain’s greatest rival in cryptocurrency mining manufacturing, will present its Initial Public Offering to NASDAQ on November 20, according to sources from The Block. This offer will mark the first attempt of a cryptocurrency mining company to go public in the US after several attempts went south before in Hong Kong. The company plans to get $400 million in funding, but the proposed price of every share is still unknown. Bitmain has also filed for an IPO in the US according to several sources.

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