Nakamoto Game Blockchain Lottery: An Interview with its Anonymous Creator

Nakamoto Game Blockchain Lottery: An Interview with its Anonymous Creator

TL;DR: Among the myriad of ways to encourage adoption is to reach beyond polemical seriousness and just have some fun. Enter, Nakamoto Game. It’s a cryptocurrency lottery based upon the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain. CoinSpice caught up with its anonymous creator to find out more about the project. 

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Nakamoto Game, a Bitcoin Cash Lottery

A sliver of BCH is all it takes. Scan the code, and luck be a lady tonight! The last pixel of a transaction ID is the determinate. After roughly 3 days (400 blocks), a winner is determined by the targeted block, which has its own unique jackpot number. If those match, boom, winner-winner, chicken dinner.

Nakamoto Game Blockchain Lottery: An Interview with its Anonymous Creator

If the group rolls a collective snake eyes, the pot is carried over. Winners do eventually snag 70% of the pot, with 30% going to refresh the next round, hopefully attracting still more lucky ducks. Nakamoto Game skims 1% of each transaction to keep the lights on.

Nakamoto Game allows noobs the chance to add some excitement to their diving into crypto by keeping the onboarding process light. There’s no know-your-customer or AML to work around, and so normal procedures aren’t needed. It’s another way to increase basic literacy in the space, attract more BCH users through it low fees and lightning quick speeds, and to show the power of distributed ledger technology.

Interview with the Anonymous Creator of Nakamoto Game

CoinSpice: How is Nakamoto Game different from other gambling sites? 

Nakamoto Game creator: I looked around bitcoin games, mostly gambling, and I didn’t find it interesting at all because all of them are just online casino with crypto payment. I felt like people are not getting the unique UX that bitcoin can bring. I never gamble. I hate signing up even if ID/PW is the only requirement.

Basically, I didn’t like the way people make games, which for me they’re not getting unique Bitcoin UX. So for me, the three elements were:

1. No registration (not even ID/PW or email)
2. Instant payouts
3. Provable fairness (not a bullshit hashed server seed stuff, but independently verifiable fairness using blockchain).

Nakamoto Game Blockchain Lottery: An Interview with its Anonymous Creator

The only game site that satisfies those elements is Satoshidice, and I wanted to make other games like that and better. Actually, Satoshidice doesn’t satisfy independent verification either.

Nakamoto Game probably won’t go the casino route. We don’t want to do Poker, Roulette stuff. We want skill-based games with Bitcoin Cash built-in. Imagine you want to play Go. You can pay $1 BCH to start a room. The opponent also pays $1 to pay against you. If you win, you take his/her $1. Imagine you have the same lottery with multiple channels. There could be 1,000 Nakamoto Game sites that connect to one giant pot.

What is the monetization plan for your project?

We will monetize for sure. Operation costs money, but our core mission is this: we must be a company that focuses on generating lots of transactions, rather than volume. Transactions are what makes Bitcoin economics sustainable. They’re the food for miners. So we’re creating fun games and services that make people use bitcoin.

Nakamoto Game Blockchain Lottery: An Interview with its Anonymous Creator

Nice! Why use Bitcoin Cash specifically?

I can’t do these kinds of games with other coins. I need 0-conf. For a lottery, 0-conf is less important, but the instant payout can’t work because I need to wait for confirmations to pay the prize. The next game we’re building, for example, it is impossible to accept coins without secure 0-conf. Each round of the lottery is 400 blocks (approx 3 days). So 0-conf is not so needed. But other games may require 1 block interval. I need to receive payment in 0-confirmation and still be confident to payout instantly.

How has O-conf worked on the site? Any problems?

It’s not possible to double spend. If double spend is detected, we’ll not payout. We haven’t had issues so far.

What will be the evolution of Nakamoto Games look like? 

We’ll have more games, skill-based games. You know like the old school arcade, where you insert coins to play games. They’ll be like that, but online/global/accessible/private/fair. You don’t provide your ID when you enter an arcade. You don’t deposit money to play in an arcade. We want to have the same experience as an arcade, but online.

Nakamoto Game Blockchain Lottery: An Interview with its Anonymous Creator

So no KYC forever?

No. Also, we figured out a way to create an account but without registration (ID/PW/Email/etc). So, you can actually deposit BCH and play constantly without scanning each time. This feature will be added soon.

Have you thought of offering an SDK for other sites?

Yes, that is exactly what we’re working on. We’ll provide various useful APIs so that developers can work on games on the front side. This is what I meant by many channels, leading to the same pot.

So people will be able to run their own Nakamoto Game-like front on their own website?

Yes, using our back-end. And they would be connected to the same prize if they want.

Where do you see crypto-based games in the future? Do you see them taking the crown off normal games?

I guess they’ll co-exist for a long time. I wouldn’t predict the future, but crypto gaming industry will definitely grow. As the crypto infrastructure gets built (e.g Samsung S10 phone just launched coin key vault, or plugins like Badger Wallet), more people will access crypto easily and play games.

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