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“Not American,” “Not White,” “Not Men” Podcasts, Andreas Antonopoulos Tells Followers

TL;DR: “I think we’ve covered almost ALL the white male podcasters I should visit,” noted Bitcoin evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos told followers after asking for shows to appear as a guest. “How about some other shows? Not American, not investment/finance, not men, not white.” Some in the cryptocurrency community questioned the wisdom of Antonopoulos’ follow-up and reframing. 

Not American, Not White, Not Men Podcasts, Andreas Antonopoulos Tells Followers

Before calling follower suggestions, “Fantastic recommendations for podcasts,” cryptocurrency advocate Andreas Antonopoulos asked, “What podcasts, shows and interviewers do you enjoy? Are there any that you would like me to go to? Some that I haven’t done before? I’m looking for suggestions.”

In response to various show names (CoinSpice Podcast was suggested), Antonopoulos acknowledged, “I can’t change me (I’m many of the above) but we can change the other side!” in reference to not enough recommendations for non-American, non-white, non-male, non-financial/investment-related or hosted shows among the over 300 plus comments to his initial request.

Antonopoulos has a history of inserting social justice topics into his cryptocurrency advocacy. Earlier this year, he expressed outrage at crypto conferences employing or allowing so-called booth babes, scantily clad women seemingly used by vendors to entice male attendees. He eventually channeled such indignation into his conference appearance contract, detailing explicit rules for enforcing a strict no booth babes clause contingent upon Antonopoulos’ appearances.

One thread comment implied Antonopoulos set up followers to make a point. If true, social justice enthusiasts have used the tactic on college campuses, for example, as in the case of Evergreen State College last year (see featured image), where students requested whites not to be on campus at a specific date. Such a teachable moment or lesson was not the reasoning in Antonopoulos podcast search, apparently.

I was Honestly Open to Recommendations of all Kinds

“Actually, I didn’t,” Antonopoulos insisted to the charge of purposely provoking followers. “I was honestly open to recommendations of all kinds. I got more than 30 recommendations and several invitations before I noticed the pattern. A bit slow I must admit. I’ve tried hard to notice sooner and work against patters like that.”

“If the podcast (and content) are good why does the color of skin/gender matter?” another follower asked. Antonopoulos stressed, “It matters to me to reach out to a broader audience.” Another comment scolded, “How about good podcasts without caring to the color of skin, nationality or gender?!” to which Antonopoulos snapped, “How about you make your decisions and keep pretending life is perfectly equitable and color blind and I make different choices.”

Christopher Carruthers, co-host of the Dash-centric show Tao & Amanda Live (he’s “Tao”), chimed-in, “Sent you an invite to @TaoAmandaLIVE. Last time I checked, @AmandaB_Johnson is a woman!” he joked. Johnson, Carruthers’ co-host, declined her show partner’s offer to Antonopoulos. “Sorry, Tao, I’m not interested to interview anyone one our show who discriminates on the basis of race and/or gender. That’s a pass from me.”

Andreas Antonopoulos

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