Home News OKCoin Exchange Pledges Up to 1,000 BTC to Developers, Including Bitcoin Cash

OKCoin Exchange Pledges Up to 1,000 BTC to Developers, Including Bitcoin Cash

TL;DR: Calling them the “hard-working developers of Bitcoin,” cryptocurrency exchange OKCoin is pledging to donate 1,000 BTC to developers on BTC itself, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and BSV. 

OKCoin Exchange Pledges 1,000 BTC to Developers

“We pledge to donate up to 1,000 BTC to the hard-working developers of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision, but we need YOU to get involved,” the exchange explained of it’s Let’s Build Bitcoin Together! project. “Vote for the project YOU’d like to see us send a donation to, and we will send 0.02 BTC on your behalf.”

OKCoin highlights three Bitcoin Cash development teams: Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin Unlimited, and BCHD as being eligible for potential donations. Voting has already begun and continues through the 27th, 9pm, of this month. “For each vote received, OKCoin will donate 0.02 BTC (or the equivalent amount in BCH or BSV) to the selected developers or organizations of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision,” the exchanged noted.


The San Francisco-based exchange has been on something of publicity campaign of late, announcing last week, for example, the addition of Goldman Sachs banker Hong Fang as their Chairman (and COO of OK Group). More recently, and just prior to his moving over to OKCoin, Fang was part of Giant Network’s executive team — a Chinese company focusing on massively multiplayer online (MMO) games.

OKCoin has been around the space since 2013, and claims to be available to users in 184 countries, operating as a registered Money Services Business (MSB) with FinCEN, supporting more than a dozen cryptocurrencies. Voters in the campaign “must verify their authenticity to be eligible to cast one vote,” complete a process involving a minimum deposit of $100, … along with other restrictions. “All donations will be sent to the selected Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin SV Developers teams within two weeks of the campaign end date (or by October 11, 2019),” the exchange stressed, and donations “will be made in their respective cryptocurrency (BTC, BCH, BSV), and will be calculated at the time of payout.”

DISCLOSURE: The author holds cryptocurrency as part of his financial portfolio, including BCH. 

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