Online Marketplace OpenBazaar Unveils Multiwallet: P2P Trade, Multiple Cryptos

TL;DR: The CoinSpice Podcast is back again with another great episode. OpenBazaar backend developer Chris Pacia is our guest, and he’s updating us on the project as it hits its stride. The platform has come a long way in only a short time, focusing on using the currency in crypto. Recently, they unveiled their OpenBazaar Multiwallet, a way to peer-to-peer trade with multiple cryptocurrencies.

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OpenBazaar Developer Chris Pacia

Chris Pacia is a fighter. He’s not bellicose or juvenile, managing to get his point across through sharp methods of disputation: logical, concise, cutting. During the Bitcoin Cash 15 November 2018 upgrade turned hard fork and eventual chain split, Pacia’s role as a passionate advocate for peer-to-peer electronic digital cash grew in stature.

He could be found engaging partisans, asking probing questions as to their positions while vigorously defending his own. Since the dust settled, Pacia is back to his primary work as developer for

Online Marketplace OpenBazaar Unveils Multiwallet: P2P Trade, Multiple Cryptos

OpenBazaar is an online marketplace where buyers and sellers meet to exchange goods and services for cryptocurrency. The project is important for its daring and originality, but also for its promotion of the currency side of crypto. Blockchain technology and other assorted buzzwords are de-emphasized in favor of decentralized money.

This episode is a chance to get a brief history of the platform, where it’s at presently, and where it might be headed. Lots of exciting rollouts are on the way, and as a bonus listeners also get a chance to learn more about Chris and his background.

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