Personal Data Breach Search Site ';--have i been pwned? Now Accepts Bitcoin Cash

TL;DR: Personal data breach search site ‘;–have i been pwned? (HIBP) is now accepting bitcoin cash (BCH). The site is a way for users to quickly, and for free, type their email addresses in a box and find out if they were associated with a comprised site.   

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‘;–have i been pwned? Now Accepts Bitcoin Cash

Creator Troy Hunt is also a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP for Developer Security. The Australian came up with the idea for a data breach search site “after what was, at the time, the largest ever single breach of customer accounts — Adobe. I often did post-breach analysis of user credentials and kept finding the same accounts exposed over and over again, often with the same passwords which then put the victims at further risk of their other accounts being compromised.”

Indeed, surfers have multiple email accounts especially, compartmentalized for good reason, separating business and personal correspondence. Most people simply are not aware of all the possible breaches out there, especially among smaller vendors and places like ticket services for concerts, for example.

Personal Data Breach Search Site ';--have i been pwned? Now Accepts Bitcoin Cash

“I created HIBP as a free resource for anyone to quickly assess if they may have been put at risk due to an online account of theirs having been compromised or “pwned” in a data breach,” Hunt explained. “I wanted to keep it dead simple to use and entirely free so that it could be of maximum benefit to the community.” He funds the project himself, but does accept donations. Bitcoin cash (BCH) is lightning fast, inexpensive to send, and so it makes perfect sense to incorporate that option for those grateful for his service.

For Hunt, HIBP serves at least two functions, as it “obviously provides a service to the public. Data breaches are rampant and many people don’t appreciate the scale or frequency with which they occur. By aggregating the data here I hope that it not only helps victims learn of compromises of their accounts, but also highlights the severity of the risks of online attacks on today’s internet,” he stressed. It’s also a great way to experiment with security technologies he’s working on at any given moment. Win-win.

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