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Peter Schiff Bitcoin Loss Memorabilia, Exchanges Tracking Wasabi, Justin Sun Helps Virus Victims

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Peter Schiff Twitter posts made into memorabilia. Exchanges tracking Wasabi wallet addresses as dangerous. Justin Sun donates supplies to fight Coronavirus. Uphold introduces zero-fee trading, and British court freezes ransomware linked to a Bitfinex account.

Peter Schiff Tweets Converted Into Memorabilia

Peter Schiff, the famous gold bug investor who last week starred in a controversy, claiming his Bitcoin wallet had forgotten its password, is now being immortalized with memorabilia depicting his reactions on Twitter. His now-famous Tweet, “I did not forget my password. My wallet forgot my password,” was framed by an enthusiast who claimed this was “great office decor.” Liberty Mugs also took advantage of the opportunity and is selling a Peter Schiff “My Wallet Forgot My Password Mug” listed for a price of $12.95.

Exchanges Tracking Wasabi Wallet Addresses

A new case of an exchange tracking BTC from wallet mixing platforms like Wasabi, a privacy-focused app, emerged recently. Ronald McHodler, as the user is identified on Twitter, was messaged by an exchange about a withdrawal potentially being sent to a “known Bitcoin mixing service.” Last year, Binance Singapore also blocked a withdrawal to a Wasabi wallet address due to it being a mixing service as well. While these are just two isolated cases, it seems this treatment is becoming a trend among cryptocurrency exchanges.

Justin Sun Donates Supplies to Help Fight Coronavirus

Justin Sun, founder and CEO of TRON, is doing his part to help victims of the Coronavirus outbreak in China. Sun tweeted yesterday the Tron Foundation was doing “everything it can” to help victims. The campaign, called “We are with You, Wuhan,” aims to “help those affected by sending medical necessities immediately,” according to a PR statement. TRON would be the second cryptocurrency organization to publically direct funds in the fight against the outbreak, after Binance pledged $1.5 million to also aid victims.

Uphold Debuts Zero Fee Trading

Peter Schiff

Uphold, a popular cryptocurrency exchange and investment platform, is now offering commission-free cryptocurrency trading, following the footsteps of exchanges like Robinhood. Uphold CEO, JP Thieriot, declared this was made possible by new liquidity the platform has gained recently. “We’ve gotten to a level of precision in the way the platform functions to be able to operate on spread and have a lower spread overall,” he said. Uphold also removed fees for credit card account funding, and added direct trading between all of its assets.

British Court Freezes Ransomware Linked Bitfinex Account

Peter Schiff

A court in England ordered cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex to block an account with $860,000 worth of BTC allegedly obtained as ransomware payment money. An unnamed firm that suffered the ransomware attack paid $1.2 million in BTC, and while some of it was turned to fiat money, a big part of it went to a Bitfinex account, according to Chainalysis, a bitcoin tracking a security firm. Bitfinex will now have to deliver the KYC information of the account. Analysts believe this to be the first rule of this kind from a British court, giving crypto the status of being property.

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