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Satoshi Awards Expand, Tether Used NYC Banks, Schiff Bitcoin Challenge

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Satoshi Awards expand to include new board members, partnerships. Skeptic Peter Schiff to host Bitcoin challenge this month. Tether had accounts in New York-based banks. P2P exchanges becoming more relevant. Bitmain losses $150K due to a mining software error. Brave Ads available for Android-based devices, and L’Atelier Floral now accepts Bitcoin Cash.

Satoshi Awards Expand

Satoshi Awards

The Satoshi Awards have settled on a theme for their February 2020 rollout in Acapulco, Mexico: Honoring Ethical Innovation On The Blockchain. They’ve picked up sponsors such as Presearch and Bitcoin.com, and their Nominating Committee now includes Jeffrey Tucker, Vin Armani, Roger Ver, Sterlin Lujan, Elsa Ramon, Adrianna Mendez, and Josh Ellithorpe. “While the Nominating Committee will choose the finalists in each category, the recipients of The Satoshi Awards will be determined openly by the entire community through a unique system of tokenized voting, carefully designed to assure fairness,” the company explained. They also announced a Telegram group, and partnerships with the DASH community.

Peter Schiff to Host Bitcoin Challenge

Peter Schiff, a cryptocurrency hater and gold entrepreneur, today he will host a Bitcoin challenge live-stream from his YouTube channel. The objective is to hear the opinions of other cryptocurrency personalities about Bitcoin and why it is a good investment despite its numerous drawbacks, according to him. Schiff recently received some $2,000 in BTC, and he’s since asked what he should do with it.

Tether Had Accounts at New York Banks

Satoshi Awards

Tether, the company being sued by the New York Attorney General (NYAG), had bank accounts in the Metropolitan Commercial Bank and in the Signature Bank, both New York-based, cryptocurrency friendly banks. This allows the NYAG jurisdiction to meddle with the Tether. Metropolitan Commercial Bank declared these accounts only lasted less than a year, and they were eventually closed.

P2P Exchanges Rise Again After FATF Regulation Proposal

Satoshi Awards

The use of P2P cryptocurrency exchanges has gone up since the newly announced FATF regulation proposals would make KYC mandatory for any exchange. An article published by Bloomberg highlights how more privacy worried customers are changing their transactions to these kinds of exchanges where KYC procedures are nonexistent or very light. KYC-less Bisq and Local.bitcoin.com are mentioned as prime examples.

Bitmain Losses $150K Mining Invalid Bitcoin Block

BitMEX Research discovered that a costly software error in Bitmain’s Antpool led to losing the reward of a mined block that was rejected by other nodes. The block was rejected after being mined because it did not fulfill the conditions to be accepted. According to some reports, the block requested an invalid amount (13.26 BTC) as a reward for its mining, when it should have requested 12.5 BTC. BitMEX Research declared: “The coinbase value was too high, presumably because this included the transaction fees, but due to some error the transactions themselves were not included.”

Brave Ads Feature Arrives for Android Phones

Satoshi Awards

Brave Software, the company behind technologies such as Brave Browser and the Brave Attention Token (BAT), introduced their Brave Ads feature into their Android mobile browser. Brave Ads lets users watch ads directly sent to them and collect 70% of the rate directed from the publisher to display the ad, closing the loop and introducing users as an important part of the advertising cycle. Brave chooses their advertising partners carefully, certifying them on a case by case basis.

L’Atelier Floral Now Accepts Bitcoin Cash

Satoshi Awards

L’Atelier Floral, a luxury flower shop in Canada, announced they are accepting Bitcoin Cash as a payment method for their goods and services. Now customers of the store seeking to to buy their selected arrangements of flowers, like the heart-shaped bouquet, or to be part of their flower workshops, can pay effortlessly and securely using Bitcoin Cash through BitPay. Visit them here to find out more about their services.

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