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PODCAST BCH Dev Amaury Séchet Gets Spicy: Roger Ver, Being French, Funding Rejection

TL;DR: BCH dev Amaury Séchet has been a tear in recent months. He’s taking-on everyone in the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community, from fellow developers to well-established business leaders. Heck, he even shat on CoinSpice (the nerve!). It’s time to get him out of 2D chat text, social media posts, which can be static and hard to understand in terms of tone. It’s instead Séchet on the record in his own, real voice. Have some milk. It’s going to get spicy. This episode is available embedded in the article below, and on iTunesSpotifyGoogle PodcastsStitcherRadio PublicBreakerPocketCastsPodBeanYouTube for Newer EpisodesYouTube Older Episodes, and Overcast

BCH Dev Amaury Séchet Gets Spicy

BCH dev Amaury Séchet is through being nice. He even has taken digs at CoinSpice. It was important, in our view, to get him on air, talking about why he thinks the way he does and how he goes about expressing himself. As a media outlet, it’s our charter to document the peer-to-peer digital cash world. It’s our story to tell. You really will not hear this anywhere else.

Away from the sterile world of chat, Séchet is funny and down-to-earth. Online, he can be brutal. Noticeably. We begin with that premise, asking if maybe his personal cultural background and vocation lends to a more candid take on things. He addresses that and has some telling anecdotes about working at Facebook for a time.

BCH Dev Amaury Séchet

Our conversation turns to a recent example of how he conducts himself. His rejecting funding from an exchange, charging their motives were less than pure and that Bitcoin Cash was being used to legitimize other projects working at opposite ends. It’s part of a broader strategy he’s been putting forth regarding the BCH community’s culture.

We discuss the relationship he has with Roger Ver, founder and Chair of Bitcoin.com, and why he thinks Ver could be headed in a bad direction by paying less attention to what’s happening, as Séchet says, “on the inside.” He seems to believe Ver’s attention is elsewhere, laser-focused on so-called outside adoption. In my opinion, public ire at Ver works against Séchet’s attempt to take the high road, and perhaps plays into the very signaling and game theory traps he’s trying to warn about. Nevertheless, CoinSpice is dedicated to having an open dialog, and Séchet is at least forthcoming on that score.


00:00 Being French and engineer

07:30 OKCoin funding campaign rejection

09:20 Ulterior motives and subtle signals, hints

16:45 CoinSpice gets Séchet’d too

20:30 Relationship with Roger Ver



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