PODCAST Bitcoin Cash at 3: The Most Promising Blockchain, By Tobias Ruck

Tobias Ruck

TL;DR: We’re celebrating the third anniversary of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) by sharing audio reflections from the BCH community: influencers, developers, business people, etc. This episode features Tobias Ruck, and is available embedded in the article below, and on iTunesSpotifyGoogle PodcastsStitcherRadio PublicBreakerPocketCastsPodBeanYouTube for Newer EpisodesYouTube Older Episodes, and Overcast.

Bitcoin Cash at 3: The Most Promising Blockchain, By Tobias Ruck

Low key, developer Tobias Ruck is super funny. You have to pay close attention due to the fact most times Ruck is so dry he’s really out to amuse himself. That you too might “get it” just adds to his enjoyment, but it’s not required. He for sure is a mandatory follow on Twitter. Every once in a while he throws out gems, and you catch yourself smiling.

He’s best known for his pioneering work on be.cash — itself a dry pun. “Keep full control of your crypto while still being able to spend them with a card,” he stresses. “Same form-factor as a credit card, but with the same decentralized, non-custodial and trustless nature we all love from Bitcoin.” It’s non-custodial blockchain payments to the average Joe — seriously being your own bank. “Pair your phone with your card with one tap. View all your transactions in one easy to use wallet. Pay with your phone or your card, as you like. No signup required, just install and go.”

In his reflection on Bitcoin Cash’s 3rd anniversary, Tobias Ruck doesn’t sugarcoat where the community is now. I appreciate that. A guiding principle should always be to take sober, rational stock of what is with an eye toward what we’d like it to be. He pairs both with hope for the future, and that’s all anyone could ever ask.


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