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PODCAST Bitcoin Cash Founding Father on his Creation in the Wild, Valuing User Feedback

TL;DR: Amaury Séchet is best known as lead developer for Bitcoin ABC, the dominant implementation of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). He’s also credited as being the Founding Father of BCH, doing a lot of the under-the-hood work in 2017 especially to bring the project to life and viability. We sat down with Séchet to ask him about seeing BCH used in Townsville, Australia at the Bitcoin Cash City Conference last month, and the impressions it left on him. This episode is available embedded in the article below, and on YouTube Older EpisodesiTunesSpotifyGoogle PodcastsStitcherRadio PublicBreakerPocketCastsPodBean, YouTube for Newer Episodes, and Overcast

Bitcoin Cash Founding Father Reflects on His Work Used in the Wild

What do world-changing companies such as Amazon and Facebook have in common? Smartasses in our audience will shout about government surveillance and privacy violations. They’re not wrong of course, but what I am getting at is something more fundamental to their relative market dominance.

Amaury Séchet believes he knows at least part of the reason why. It has to do with taking care of the bigger issues, getting them stored away and under control, in order to handle all the customizable adding-value additions only possible when a business or project is humming along with regard to fundamentals.

Founding Father

Séchet should know. He worked at Facebook for a time, and lately he’s been reflecting on his tenure and lessons learned from such an environment. Namely, he’s convinced for Bitcoin Cash to move forward as world money it must not only invest in infrastructure and maintenance but also gather real-life feedback from users and merchants as a way to improve.

And he was able to see his baby in action, if we continue the Founding Father metaphor, while he attended and presented at last month’s historic Bitcoin Cash City Conference (BCCC) in Townsville, Australia. Enthusiasts get a real sense from our conversation as to how Séchet views BCH as a result of his recounting the BCCC affair.


00:00 Intro to the episode

03:20 Drama-free conference

04:30 Bitcoin Cash in the wild: incentive to use

06:10 BTC early days were similar

07:30 Townsville as an important feedback experiment opportunity

11:50 What Facebook can teach the Bitcoin Cash community

15:00 Roger Ver in Slovenia

18:00 What Amazon can teach the Bitcoin Cash community



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