PODCAST Bitcoin Oracle Vinny Lingham: Bull Market at +$6,200; Institutional Money Long Way Off

TL;DR: Vinny Lingham is an investor, television star, and entrepreneur. He’s also a contrarian, and seems to never follow the pack but to lead it … at times reluctantly. For him, Bitcoin’s value proposition is in being money for the world, and especially for poorer people. Street cred for Lingham goes way back, and price calls he’s made are nothing short of incredible (he pokes fun at himself for being called an oracle). He joins the CoinSpice Podcast to discuss his latest passion, Civic, growing up in racist South Africa, and his take on the crypto market’s current state. This episode is available embedded in the article below, and on YouTubeiTunesSpotifyGoogle PodcastsStitcherRadio PublicBreakerPocketCastsPodBean, and Overcast.

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In a Strange Way, Apartheid South Africa for Vinny Lingham was a Benefit

As an Indian, a US Citizen, and someone who grew up in South Africa, Vinny Lingham, I wanted to tease, is an African American, but he joked about it himself before I could during our interview. Lingham is a good dude to know in the crypto space. He has the background, finding Bitcoin early on as a valuable project, and the technical chops combined with business sense to give real insight.

His latest project, Civic, is the culmination of that work. Its goals are ambitious and also forward-looking: develop solutions on the blockchain for use by ordinary people. As trivial to some as identification might seem, for example, consider this: We in the West cannot go anywhere without proving who we are. Imagine being in a part of world where ID is a luxury, and how access to much of anything is restricted as a result. Civic hopes to ease the spread of basic identification and more, throughout the world, and Lingham discusses why and the company’s plans going forward.

PODCAST Bitcoin Oracle Vinny Lingham: Bull Market at +$6,200; Institutional Money Long Way Off

He also gives us some of his compelling personal story. Growing up in officially racist South Africa meant he could not enjoy life as a typical kid. The local library was the only place he was really permitted to go without problems. There, he discovered the world of computers, programming, and life of the mind. In a strange way, apartheid helped him … though that would be perhaps ignoring a lot of pain.

Lingham has since gone on to become a crypto celebrity in demand around the globe, giving talks and sharing his wisdom. And along with discussing his work with Civic and being a partner at Multicoin Capital, he also chatted about stablecoins, his star status on Shark Tank South Africa, and the good just a small, well-placed investment there can do.



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