PODCAST: Dev Jonathan Toomim Would Join BTC if They Committed to Big Blocks

PODCAST Dev Jonathan Toomim Would Join BTC if they Committed to Big Blocks

TL;DR: Developer Jonathan Toomim is brutally honest. He tells CoinSpice his work to increase cryptocurrency usability for people all over the world, and especially in places like Venezuela, is what’s most important. To accomplish that takes bigger block sizes, keeping fees low. “My loyalty is to big blocks,” he stressed, “not Bitcoin Cash.” If Bitcoin Core (BTC) would commit to his basic principles, he’d gladly switch over. “But,” Toomim stressed, “they’re not going to.” This episode is available embedded in the article below, and on YouTubeiTunesSpotifyGoogle PodcastsStitcherRadio PublicBreakerPocketCastsPodBean, and Overcast.

Meet Jonathan Toomim of Xthinner

I plead guilty on this one. I just wanted to hear him talk the more he spoke. I should interrupt, break in and keep the conversation focused. Not this time around. He just kept getting more and more interesting. I apologize to no one! The China firewall stuff was cool.

Toomim has been involved with Bitcoin since around 2012. He was an early developer in the space, finding the idea while working on his own neuroscience startup. He immediately noticed how much credit card payment systems were eating away at whatever modest profits he was managing to generate.

PODCAST Dev Jonathan Toomim Would Join BTC if they Committed to Big Blocks

If Bitcoin could be a viable alternative, relieving especially the developing world in countries where a dollar or two could be prohibitive … that’s probably the killer application. And, many early adopters made those arguments, pushing for a medium of exchange emphasis. Somewhere along the line, the narrative changed, censorship began, and the community fractured, something Toomim believes plagues adoption to this very day.

He’s recently best known for developing a block propagation scheme, Xthinner, one that improves efficiency along the lines he hopes: scaling, scaling, scaling. If block propagation gets too long, it favors larger pools and a kind of centralization. There’s a great deal more to the problem, and Toomim is patient to explain the issues in detail.

Put on your thinking cap for this one, folks. Toomim is lucid, linear, factual, and passionate. He goes into his background, and takes listeners through to today, discussing some of the vital, interesting development work he’s heading. It’s a wild ride through tougher problems in the space.



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