Home News PODCAST: Ethereum Dev Working on BCH CashScript Talks Differences, Use Cases

PODCAST: Ethereum Dev Working on BCH CashScript Talks Differences, Use Cases

TL;DR: Rosco Kalis recently moved over to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) development from Ethereum. He brings with him a freshness, newness in solving problems, especially with regard to scripting language. In fact, the highly anticipated CashScript is considered his baby. We caught up with him to discuss why it might be important, and to get Kalis’ take on a recent controversy regarding potential confusion over just how much Ethereum-ness can be imported to BCH. This episode is available embedded in the article below, and on YouTubeiTunesSpotifyGoogle PodcastsStitcherRadio PublicBreakerPocketCastsPodBean, and Overcast.

Rosco Kalis Talks CashScript

Developer Rosco Kalis found BCH through both experience and competition. Just prior to the contentious November 2018 hard fork, Kalis was actually at a hackathon that put out feelers, inviting Ethereum devs to take part.

There, Kalis observed a BCH dev community he describes as engaged in fighting, and candidly admits to being off-put by it all. Something interesting, however, happened along the way. His hackathon project won first prize, Panda Cash. At least one thing became clearer to him: if the community could get its act together, real possibilities were emerging to blend some of the advanced scripting language and workflow known to the Ethereum dev community toward a BCH context.

PODCAST: Ethereum Dev Working on BCH CashScript Talks Differences, Use Cases
Rosco Kalis (left) at last year’s BCH hackathon

Months later, tensions within BCH lessened, and Kalis was recruited by lights such as Gabriel Cardona to work actively on Bitcoin Cash. Kalis finished his undergraduate work, and decided to further his education. With BCH, he could both study advanced scripting languages and apply them in real life, and so CashScript became that project.

As Kalis explained in a tweet, “While Ethereum smart contracts have a lot more functionality than those in Bitcoin Cash, with the upcoming CashScript we’ve tried to replicate a big part of the workflow, hopefully making it easier for developers to engage with both of these communities.” The announcement was overshadowed by an article’s headline, which some believed might lead the impressionable to think Bitcoin Cash was becoming an Ethereum clone. The BCH community debated the merits, and CoinSpice is known for running into a controversy in the hope of providing greater clarity. Kalis gives the issue a full airing, and is keen to separate what can and cannot be done between the two projects.



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