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PODCAST The Art of Sh*tposting with a Master, Joshua Davis

TL;DR: Making fun of cryptocurrency is so-very badly needed in the space. To keep it sober and honest, so-called sh*tposters hold a mirror up, and sometimes the ecosystem doesn’t like what sees. Master sh*tposter Joshua Davis teases all tribes, every coin, and along the way has offended everyone. He joins us to talk about his trade and why it’s valuable. This episode is available embedded in the article below, and on YouTubeiTunesSpotifyGoogle PodcastsStitcherRadio PublicBreakerPocketCastsPodBean, and Overcast.

The Art of Sh*tposting with Joshua Davis

Joshua Davis won’t describe himself as a crypto hater. Far from it. But he is tired of the nonsense, from false promises to outright scams, Davis does not suffer fools. His wit is biting, cutting, and can come across at times as crass. But there’s always a deeper message to his taunts.

Joshua Davis

When a prominent cryptocurrency project raised tens of millions, launched a token, and came under Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) scrutiny as a result, they started the Defend Crypto to supposedly help other projects legally, well, defend themselves. It raised millions too, apparently, for legal defenses of initial coin offerings (ICOs). Davis claims to have immediately seen through the idea, and he began a counter website, DeFund Crypto, lampooning the notion suspected scams should be donated-to for any reason what-so-ever.

“For the future,” Davis’ DeFund Crypto site explains, “we all need to come to grips with the fact that 99.9% of ICOs and IEOs are scams. This website will set a precedent and could serve as the new Howey Test for how almost all cryptocurrencies are simply an efficient transfer of wealth from you -> to them. That’s why we set up the Defund Crypto Fund™ to ensure that the funds aren’t there at all. Defund has already spent $16.80 on a domain name and hosting and is committing another $2.99 of fiat to buy a second month of hosting just because.” And that’s just a taste of Davis’ razor-sharp retorts.



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