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PODCAST The Know-it-All Problem in Bitcoin: Why Hotep Jesus and Kanye West Can Help

TL;DR: Bitcoin has a know-it-all problem. It’s ecosystem-wide, rampant. It’s also off-putting for newer folks with questions. A straight answer, even the humble, “I don’t know,” appears to be almost gone in the cryptocurrency space. CoinText and Countermarkets co-founder Vin Armani helps us sort it all out through the lens of Hotep Jesus, Kanye West, Islam, tradition, and becoming a father. This episode is available embedded in the article below, and on iTunesSpotifyGoogle PodcastsStitcherRadio PublicBreakerPocketCastsPodBeanYouTube for Newer EpisodesYouTube Older Episodes, and Overcast

The Know-it-All Problem in Bitcoin: Why Hotep Jesus and Kanye West Can Help

A common refrain around CoinSpice is: no one understands crypto. That’s a tad jingoistic to be sure, and maybe a little glib and self-serving. Certainly better informed, more knowledgeable Bitcoiners exist. The problem is too many of us in the space feel like we must answer definitively. Very often we’re wrong — way wrong.

CoinText and Countermarkets co-founder Vin Armani is used to giving answers, and helping a lot of people better understand cryptocurrency and their place in this brave new financial world. He’s also a very unconventional thinker, at once able to trade technical detail and swap code while making higher-level philosophical connections. He knows crypto, but he’s also doing a lot of checking of his personal assumptions lately.

Kanye West

He’s come out more in recent months to actively defend and debate his positions. Armani is a fan of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and the peer-to-peer electronic cash community. Recently, he was part of a wonderful discussion hosted by Hotep Jesus with Paul Sztorc. Armani’s YouTube channel has also been on fire lately, covering subjects literally no one else in the ecosystem will touch.

We talk about the so-called know-it-all-problem by way of new social media influencers like Hotep Jesus, legendary rapper Kanye West, viewing the world through a distinctly American perspective, and how stepping back from our assumptions to inquire in the way Hotep Jesus does or the way Kanye does in taking intellectual risks is so very important. A really fun episode.



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