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PODCAST The Peter Ryan Report 9: Facebook Coin Libra and What It Means for Crypto

TL;DR: The Peter Ryan Report is a series on the CoinSpice Podcast Network. In episode 9, Ryan examines Facebook Coin Libra. It’s a giant subject, but he does a great job of putting it all into perspective. He’s steeped in the space, having been a noted analyst at larger news outlets and, more recently, Executive Producer for a new documentary on Amazon Prime, Rizqi Presents: Blockchain, a six-part series, exploring crypto in-depth. He’s also head of Ryan Research. This podcast episode is available embedded in the article below, and on YouTubeiTunesSpotifyGoogle PodcastsStitcherRadio PublicBreakerPocketCastsPodBean, and Overcast.

The Peter Ryan Report 9: Facebook Coin Libra

Peter Ryan has a theory. He thinks the name Libra is just a little too close to Gemini. Zuckerberg’s history is intimately tied to that of the Winklevoss twins, founders of the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, and there might be something to the historical dance both have done in each other’s lives.

Facebook Coin Libra

History has it the twins invented a tech akin to what would become Facebook, and that ultimately Zuckerberg took the idea and froze the two out. They eventually settled a protracted and nasty lawsuit, with the twins agreeing to a percentage of the social media giant, which paid off to the tune of half a billion dollars.

Revisionism is beginning to see the Winklevoss in kinder terms as Zuck becomes a pariah in some circles due to privacy concerns and worse. Ryan believes Zuckerberg is back to see a kind of revenge with Libra, honing-in once again on the twins’ turf, cryptocurrency. Through it all, we discuss the possible impact Facebook Coin might have, and there are some leading thinkers in the space who believe it might be an ultimately positive phenomenon. You decide.



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