PODCAST Vin Armani Blew My Mind, and I Haven’t Recovered

TL;DR: To insist Vin Armani of CoinText and Counter Markets holds controversial opinions is to probably state the obvious at this point. To detractors, he’s dismissed as “out there.” To longtime fans of his thinking, however, Armani’s supposed bug is a real feature. We talk about the current pandemic and its implications, the case for cryptocurrency, and get his thoughts on the future of Bitcoin Cash. This episode is available embedded in the article below, and on iTunesSpotifyGoogle PodcastsStitcherRadio PublicBreakerPocketCastsPodBeanYouTube for Newer EpisodesYouTube Older Episodes, and Overcast

Vin Armani Blew My Mind

At this point, I am used to crypto cranks. Exclusive meat-eaters. Strange tribalists. Cults of personalities. These idiots have an opinion on every subject and gobs of unearned confidence. Join a Telegram, subreddit, or any number of social media platforms. One minute you’re getting insight into DAA or atomic swaps, and the next these fellows are connecting it all to grand conspiracies and strange theories.

I hardly notice anymore. Vin Armani might be mistakingly lumped-in to such groups. He’d be the first to admit his thoughts are not mainstream, and that his takes are provocative. But the more one reads Vin, listen to his musings, hangs in there with him, the more you begin to see how he approaches problems.

Vin Armani

He’s a philosophical surgeon. He reduces a problem down, methodically takes it apart, dissects it, removes the cancer, and then attempts to return the idea’s body whole, to make it intelligible and functioning. He doesn’t always get everything right, but his observations, even if you vehemently disagree, are worth grappling with if only to better understand your own position.

Armani is clearly unnerved by coronavirus and its implications these days, and his Twitter feed is replete with appeals to being a father, to envisioning grander problems unleashed by policy prescriptions, if not outright skepticism at the legitimacy of worldwide panic-stricken governments and their citizenry. That’s brought him to take out his scalpels once again, to size up what is happening, and to map all of it onto cryptocurrency and the future of peer-to-peer electronic cash.



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