Proof of Social Media: BTC Bagholders Beef Up Portfolio with PopUp Steak Dinners

TL;DR: Proof of Social Media (PoSM) is a CoinSpice quick take on the ecosystem’s temperature through the lens of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, and wherever else sentiment can be observed. Bitcoin core (BTC) bagholders have hodled their way to near pauperism, resulting in a new tactic of selling steak dinners; Haipo Yang is back and swinging; Andreas Antonopoulos serves up milquetoast; crypto trader dumps BSV for BCH; and BSV marketing might want to slow their roll.  

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BTC Bag Holders Resort to Proof of Steak

What happens when credos of Buy the Dip and Hold on for Dear Life are pummeled by market reality? Pivot! The Store of Value, Digital Gold crew has latched on to a diet fad, of all things, pushing meat-only dinners with cryptobrities, The Carnivory Club. A $262 price tag gets the purchaser within a few A1 bottles’ distance from leading thinkers such as Tone Vays and Jimmy Song.

Proof of Social Media: BTC Bagholders Beef Up Portfolio with PopUp Steak Dinners

Reaction, to the gentlemen’s generous offer of their time and person, included disgust from animal welfare advocates to open worry from health nuts, puzzled by linking meat eating to BTC. “Bitcoin has nothing to do with Carnivory,” a commenter insisted. “Trying to create a connection is distasteful to many. Keep them separate. Or maybe someone will start a bit on bowel cancer group in the future.” Another asked, “$262 and no booze?”

Vays and Song are quick to label all who deviate from their ideas about crypto as “scammers.” Still another comment took issue with the dinner, “$260 for a steak meal? Whaaaattt??? That meal should cost a max of $80 a head. Jimmy and Tone have a different understanding of the word SCAM! Disgraceful.”


A favorite response was sure to draw ire from BTC maxis, announcing, “New Event Bitcoin Carnivory Fork Feb 7th London, PM for details,” as forks (so many puns) are considered, of course, a “scam.” As with regard to paying for the meal, a potential customer noticed, “Maybe I’m wrong but I see no option to pay with bitcoin. One would think if you’re using the bitcoin logo to advertise this ridiculously overpriced shindig you ought to at least accept bitcoin as payment.” Adding insult to injury, a few more comments labeled the event itself a scam while former true believers admitted they were losing confidence in the duo.

Proof of Social Media: BTC Bagholders Beef Up Portfolio with PopUp Steak Dinners

The final thought on the matter comes from @CobraBitcoin, “Realised maximalism isn’t truly about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is just their way of building a fanbase of devoted cultists, through which they can make money off with courses, podcasts, books, conferences, raspberry pi ‘full nodes,’ tickets to overpriced dinners (credit card only!), etc.”

BSV Marketing Might Want to Check a Few Things

Speaking of dinners, CoinSpice Spiciest Person of the Year 2018 returned to Twitter with a bang after pouting post-chain spit, making his account private, “A lovely dinner with a friend and man I respect a lot.” A BSV promoter, pointed out the friend and man to be admired, “looks just like Mr. Yoshitaka Kitao, CEO of SBI Holdings.”

Proof of Social Media: BTC Bagholders Beef Up Portfolio with PopUp Steak Dinners
Spiciest Person of 2018 (L), “retarded” (R)

Surely it was an organic social media exchange and happy coincidence she just happened to come by in her feed. Just one admirer to another admirer, admiring. Kitao is, interestingly, a major Ripple enthusiast, and he’s made several public comments about it becoming a national and international standard.

Our Spiciest Person of 2018 recently made statements about Ripple as luck would have it, such as “XRP – the other name for retarded,” and “it is a sham system that adds little – a false promise, shit tech with marketing and hype. A security that is falsely marketed as something novel,” he stressed. Seems he admires retarded people who make false promises and believe in shit tech. Go figure.

BSVer Switches Back to BCH after Detoxing Mind and Body

And BSV is going to need better marketing if the following video is any indication.

CoinEX, viaBTC Founder Haipo Yang Back on Twitter and Hitting Hard

Proof of Social Media: BTC Bagholders Beef Up Portfolio with PopUp Steak Dinners

CoinSpice was first to break the story of Haipo Yang’s return. Now he’s back on social media, making up for lost time. In August of last year, Yang tweeted, “Split is how the biological evolution, so do the blockchain. Welcome BSV (Bitcoin SV),” anticipating the November hard fork of 2018. Our Spiciest Person disagreed at the time, “No, welcome BCH and any split is hunted down and killed off.” Trying to digest it all, Yang recently responded, “I am glad that @ProfFaustus pick up the correct name,” meaning our Spiciest Person chose the one that will be killed off. Welcome back Haipo Yang!

Andreas Antonopoulos Virtue Signals Through #

“In 2 days more than 400 people signed up for my talk in Buenos Aires. It’s summer in Argentina. It’s also crypto-summer,” Antonopoulos announced to his devoted following, hashtagging #theother6billion and #underbanked. A commenter asked, “will you tell the underbanked there about how bitcoin is ‘a store of value’ and only useful for the investment class? Or will you tell them how Bitcoin is p2p money designed for transacting?”

Proof of Social Media: BTC Bagholders Beef Up Portfolio with PopUp Steak Dinners

Antonopoulos punted, insisting, “They use it for whatever purpose suits them.” Pressed for clarification, he elaborated, “It’s not either/or. It’s a multi faceted system where each person gets to choose how to use it. The use cases also change over time.”

Asked if he thinks “there is a use case for the other 6 billion ie, the vast majority? Because many BTC leaders have suggested otherwise and claim Bitcoin is not for transacting much less for the relatively poor,” Antonopoulos answered, “Different places, different uses. For the other 6 billion, it absolutely can serve as medium of exchange, and store of value.” He stopped answering after that exchange. So much for clever hashtags.

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