Founder Threatens Ban & Permanent Fund Blacklist of 100 Users by Midnight London Time Tonight

TL;DR: “So, do you all realize that we’ll have to ban like 100 people today for rules violation?…,” the founder of threatened over a recent meme competition started by Bitcoin Cash (BCH) developer Shammah Chancellor. Memes rolled-in, mostly making fun of prominent community members for the chance to win BCH and clout. Users have until “today midnight London time today to delete every meme that does a personal attack,” the popular blogging site warned. Founder Threatens Ban of 100 Users

Asked for comment from CoinSpice, Chancellor quipped, “Fuck, I’m making a clone with hookers and blow. I have 25K + profit sharing for a working clone. Talk to me for product specs,” and pointed to his meme contest continuing on Reddit. Chancellor also updated his competition post, insisting, “There is [now] an additional 2 BCH being added to the pool” for related prizes.

The anonymous founder seemed exasperated, however. “So, one guy @micropresident [(Shammah Chancellor)] proposes that everyone violate rules by doing a personal attack against certain individuals via memes,” he explained. “A lot of people followed.” Characterizing Chancellor’s efforts a “shitstorm” of “name-calling, trash-talking and personal attacks,” he asked rhetorically, “Did everyone just turn their brains off for a potential to get a few dollars? Did you all just went insane?”

The founder further confessed to having “frankly no idea what to do with you. The least what we can do is blacklist every participant from the fund, because the usual punishment for a personal attack is a permanent ban,” demanding participants not only cease but “delete every meme” in risk of potential rules violation, pointing to the agree-upon policy of posting as each user signed up.

Bitcoin Cash Mêmé Competition of 2020

Indeed, in the FAQ section, the site explains how strives “to build a place with great content to read and watch, where authors can be compensated by their readers, not the place with never-ending fights or spam [….] No name-calling, trash-talking, personal attacks or insults. We will remove such content.” Interestingly, the site does acknowledge the fuzziness of trying to enforce these types of policies, “We don’t yet have a set of fixed rules, so just keep the site clean.”

“Nothing about this meme contest was to encourage personal attacks,” Chancellor responded. “The fact is that personal attacks are RAMPANT in the Bitcoin Cash ‘community’ and this contest is meant to mock those these attacks and indirectly those who make them. They mascaraed as attacks against the supposed motives of certain people, but in reality attacking a person’s motives is identical to attacking them as a person. This is unacceptable, and I will continue mocking everyone that continues this sort of attack.”

Subtext playing in the background involves the BCH community divide which began in earnest over the Infrastructure Funding Plan (IFP) earlier this year. Sides hardened, becoming ever-more strident, leading to the development of a node to compete against the dominance of implementation Bitcoin ABC and its head, Amaury Séchet. Chancellor was dormant through most of that kerfuffle, having left ABC prior for personal reasons. Upon his return to the community, he took to defending aspects of the IFP and, at times, Séchet (with whom he revealed to have had conflict).

Bitcoin Cash Community Chafes at Talks of Bans

Most of the memes do seem aimed at Séchet, but in the meta memetic spirit of mocking antipathy toward Séchet rather than personally attacking the man himself — in essence, making fun of those who oppose ABC and Séchet, a form of high-order gaslighting, if you will. Chancellor competition-inspired memes lampooned nearly anyone involved in the IFP on either side, including current and former CoinSpice associates.

Memes were also directed toward investor Marc De Mesel. De Mesel came out strongly against the IFP and helped to fund projects in direct opposition to ABC and particularly against Séchet. De Mesel complained a donation he once made to ABC went without so much as a thanks, and so he soon began to speak out about Séchet and ABC as ungrateful and in need of competition and usurpation. He also has been a relatively large financial backer of De Mesel was unnerved enough of late to post an in-depth response to memes and criticisms of his views and motives.

As a general rule, the Bitcoin Cash community chafes at talk of bans and blacklisting. It remains to be seen how the community will respond to the threats of the founder, a project CoinSpice deemed “arguably the most successful and exciting project in the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ecosystem.” Its founder recently launched a fundraising campaign to grow and integrate the platform, hoping to raise ~$175,000. As of publication, $85,040.79 is pledged with roughly 11 days remaining.

Bitcoin Cash

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