TOP CRYPTO TWEETS: Rise of the BTC Maximalist Karen as Calls for Reddit Censorship Grow

TL;DR: CoinSpice scours the Twittersphere to shine light upon the top crypto tweets of the week. This installment shows the rise of the BTC maximalist Karen, becoming less fun by the day, finding ever-new reasons to censor those with whom they disagree on social media. They’re even turning on one another.

#9 Rise of the BTC Maximalist Karen

John Carvalho (also known as BitcoinErrorLog) is the latest BTC maximalist turned Karen. A Karen, of course, is the meme-able idea your preferences are to be enforced by everyone, or else. You use any pretext to get your way, often putting a little extra stink on an otherwise baseless claim and whip-up hysteria for your cause.

Of course, his Karen-ing comes after Reddit banned some 2,000 subreddits recently. Hoping to capitalize on the purge, Carvalho took-on the Bitcoin Cash-centric forum r/BTC, started, ironically enough, as a result of censorship on the BTC maxi r/Bitcoin. Karen hyperbole is throughout his appeal to Reddit managers: “scammers,” “counterfeit,” “false narratives,” “trap novices,” and so on.

“r/btc is called that because it started out as a ‘free speech’ alternative for big blockers to the r/bitcoin subreddit,” Henrik Weide explained in the tweet’s comments, “because of the heavy moderation/censoring in the r/bitcoin subreddit. When the big blockers split off to the BCH chain, r/btc became the goto sub.” So much for censorship-resistant money.

#8 Probably Not Much Fun

#7 Maxis Eating One Another

#6 The Irony

#5 Running a Crypto Exchange

#4 Yikes

#3 Closing of the US Gold Window

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#1 What Happens When You Build on TRON


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