Ron Paul Speaks at Anarchapulco Despite Media Murder Scares, FUD

Ron Paul Speaks at Anarchapulco Despite Media Murder Scares, FUD

TL;DR: Cryptocurrency enthusiast John Galton was murdered just two weeks prior to the start of Anarchapulco 2019, an annual gathering of voluntaryists and like-minded fellow travelers. Mainstream press attempted to link the event and his death, and some worried prominent keynote speakers would not attend as a result. United States presidential candidate and former congressman Ron Paul was considered a particular draw for attendees. Rather than play it safe and give-in to media FUD, the octogenarian triumphantly delivered his remarks to a packed audience in Acapulco, Mexico.    

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Ron Paul Speaks at Anarchapulco Despite Media Murder Scares, FUD

In a series of candid videos taken directly from the event, organizer Jeff Berwick eye’d the camera with his wife beside him, “So dangerous,” he mocked. Panning around the opening talk, the conference room appeared at or near capacity, audience members watching and listening to a promised speaker.

Ron Paul Speaks at Anarchapulco Despite Media Murder Scares, FUD
Ron Paul poses with Free Talk Live host Ian Freeman at Anarchapulco 2019

Berwick’s tease was something of a triumph for the Anarchapulco team. It was rocked by the murder of cryptocurrency enthusiast John Galton, a well-known member of the Acapulco voluntaryist community, not only for the loss of life but also the possible implications of the conference’s immediate future.

CoinSpice was among the first to break the story of Galton’s murder, and mainstream accounts picked it up by electing to highlight what they considered clickbait-able aspects of Galton and his partner’s lifestyle. Drugs. Anarchy. Something to do with Ayn Rand. The stories did little to shed light on what happened beyond the obvious. Galton’s murder was first reported by Lily Davine, his companion, in a chilling video plea for help, and was followed by associate Jason Henza, who was there at the time of the murder, making a social media video seemingly to document his also being shot.

“I Know I am Safe”

CoinSpice has learned local Mexican authorities are aware of Galton’s murder, and the American Embassy has so far refused comment. There has been a fundraising attempt by Galton’s family to bring his body back to the United States, as well as another effort in raising money to assist Davine. The local community largely believes the murder was a cartel hit, but that has been contradicted by a few screenshot conversations of placing primary blame on a personality described as “mentally ill.”

Ron Paul Speaks at Anarchapulco Despite Media Murder Scares, FUD
(L-R) Davine, Galton, Henza

Davine has continued to stress not giving a public statement, but did tell CoinSpice, “I am doing my best. I have again relocated to a place I know I am safe and feel like I can breathe for the first time in three days. And seeing [the CoinSpice article] lifted my spirits, John was a hero not what the media has portrayed him as,” she insisted.

Galton and Davine organized a spinoff event, scheduled for immediately after Anarchapulco’s formal end date. It’s what in cryptocurrency circles is known as a fork, renaming their unofficial addition to Anarchapulco, AnarchaFORKO. Galton and Davine wanted less central organizing of the large event, and created a platform to allow enthusiasts their own experience with like-minded people. Davine has also stated she will not be attending this year for obvious reasons. Several attendees promised to memorialize Galton in a beach ceremony.

Like a Boss

Ian Freeman, host of the popular Free Talk Live radio show and podcast, lauded Ron Paul for showing. “Not only did Ron Paul show up and give a great, uplifting speech, he came in the front like a boss, rather than slipping in the back, and spent plenty of time with his fans on his leisurely pace to the main event stage. He stopped many times for long periods to chat and pose for photos,” Freeman gushed.

Ron Paul Speaks at Anarchapulco Despite Media Murder Scares, FUD

Paul reportedly also attended a dinner is his honor, “and he hung around to spend even more time with regular event attendees both before and after the dinner, in different parts of the hotel. We just kept seeing him over and over posing with people for photos. It was great,” Freeman noted.

As for his speech, it was red meat for attendees, as Paul went through the history of fiat currencies and how they’re inflated, touching on his skepticism of the Federal Reserve and more. Showing no signs of being unnerved, Paul, 83, appeared spry, happy, and eager to be what he characterized as “among friends.”

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