Seasteaders Bitcoin Girl Thailand and Chad Elwartowski Plead for Lives, Legal Help

Seasteaders Bitcoin Girl Thailand and Chad Elwartowski Plead for Lives, Legal Help

TL;DR: “This is ridiculous,” cryptocurrency enthusiast and seasteading pioneer Chad Elwartowski insisted. “We lived on a floating house boat for a few weeks and now Thailand wants us killed.” They’re now attempting to escape authorities, searching for legal projection for Bitcoin Girl Thailand after the couple allegedly ran afoul of the country’s Naval Command. 

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Seasteaders Bitcoin Girl Thailand and Chad Elwartowski Plead for Lives

“*PLEASE SHARE THIS POST OUR LIVES DEPEND ON IT*” came the plea from Elwartowski a day ago. “Nadia and I did not design, construct or pay to have the seastead constructed,” he was careful to distinguish in his post. Nadia is Nadia Supranee Thepdet or Bitcoin Girl Thailand, and she’s reasonably well known in both crypto circles and seasteading for her marketing prowess. She’s also Elwartowski’s girlfriend.

Seasteaders Bitcoin Girl Thailand and Chad Elwartowski Plead for Lives, Legal Help
The seastead under construction

As CoinSpice documented, the two are now formally accused of violating Thailand sovereignty by the country’s military, if local reporting is to be believed. However, the seasteaders are denying what seem to be criminal complaint’s crux. “We promoted it and lived on it. We helped out by giving the builder updates and we participated in the launch. We did not decide where to put the seastead. We are enthusiastic supporters of the project who were lucky enough to be the first ones to stay on it,” Elwartowski stressed.

In early March, the two launched what is thought to be the first successful iteration of the seasteading concept, essentially carving out a spot within international waters and claiming a slice of relative freedom. Their initial struggle to get the project up and running was turned into a YouTube series full of hope and optimism. There was even talk of expanding the concept and selling similar plots to build a small community off the coast of Phuket. All of it appears to be on hold or worse.

Hunting Us Down to Our Death is Just Plain Stupid

“Hunting us down to our death is just plain stupid,” Elwartowski explained, “and highlights exactly the reason someone would be willing to go out in middle of the ocean to get away from governments. We never had any ill intentions and I even state plainly several times that I would not want to be a citizen of any seastead nation that would have me. We were hoping to bring tourism to Phuket with an underwater restaurant, floating hotels and medical research, tech jobs, etc. We had 3 wealthy entrepreneurs in the past week tell us they were coming to live in Phuket because they were excited about the project. We love Thailand.”

Seasteaders Bitcoin Girl Thailand and Chad Elwartowski Plead for Lives, Legal Help
Elwartowski, far right, lunching on the seastead off of Phuket

He then called for formal legal help from anyone who could assist, including speaking with military leaders in the country. “I need to be able to go to the US embassy in Bangkok or some place near Phuket to get me out of the country,” he urged. “I need ideas for helping Nadia, a Thai citizen. She needs an embassy in Bangkok where she can seek asylum.
Nadia is just my girlfriend. She played no role in planning anything with the seastead. She just took video and stayed on the seastead with me.”

CoinSpice reached out the couple, asking about their current status. “Still alive,” came the terse response early morning 16 April 2019. There are conflicting reports about whether the seastead itself has been overtaken and sunk by the military. “Whether it is still there or not does not matter much to me. I’m more concerned about Nadia being driven from her home country and her family. Her son is worried. I hope they can be reunited someday soon,” Elwartowski lamented. “We just wanted to be free. If just for one day.”

DISCLOSURE: The author holds cryptocurrency as part of his financial portfolio, including BCH. 

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