Shill Nye the Crypto Guy Unmasked: Confronts His Past, “I Regret Nothing”

Shill Nye the Crypto Guy Unmasked: Confronts His Past,

TL;DR: Shill Nye the Crypto Guy came into the ecosystem masked, covering his face and eyes, and caused quite a stir back in 2017. It turned out to be the perfect time and a genius marketing tool, device. He became toast of the conference circuit, and people would line up to get a selfie with him. As the market dulled, sentiment in some quarters turned bitter. They doxxed Nye, and soon the space was abuzz with rumor. He’s on The CoinSpice Podcast to clear up gossip and confront his past. It’s Nye unmasked. It’s available embedded in the individual article or on YouTubeiTunesSpotifyGoogle PodcastsStitcherRadio PublicBreakerPocketCasts.

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Shill Nye the Crypto Guy Unmasked: Refuses to Back Down

Michael Nye is what he goes by now. He’s formerly Shill Nye, a crypto influencer who caught 2017’s price wave. He came up with a brilliant way to get attention. Like KISS in the 1970s, he created a mystery, and considering how the pseudo anonymous inventor(s) of Bitcoin himself was unknown, it just seemed to fit.

Shill Nye the Crypto Guy Unmasked: Confronts His Past, "I Regret Nothing"
Nye unmasked.

Nye was everywhere, I remember. His tweets were often hilarious, but also at times poignant and revealing. He was especially interested in Asian markets, and they were blowing up in China, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia. He found himself gaining social media followers, and was soon jet setting around the world to speak on panels and give talks.

To a vocal segment of the ecosystem, anyone involved in an initial coin offering (ICO) is immediately suspect. I don’t believe that, and though I’ve spent much of my time in the space debunking ICOs and their many scams, it’s important to understand the tension of freer financial systems.

Addresses Scammer Claims

By definition they allow for voluntary association, and sometimes people lose their heads and give-in to the hype. They invest too much money, and they get rekt. Nye’s avatar was SHILL, after all, an ironic warning to let followers know he was bumping around just like them, trying to figure things out. The difference was he actually traveled to the projects and spoke with founders and teams. That made his word unique in some ways.

Shill Nye the Crypto Guy Unmasked: Confronts His Past, "I Regret Nothing"
Nye before crypto.

From my understanding, he’s never scammed anyone. I’ve yet to see or hear from a victim. Instead, I think he’s part marketing dude, part sweet talker, part hipster, and seems earnest. The past hippy stuff makes me laugh, and I understand why it might unnerve folks to see rather stark photographs of him decked out in a New Age woo costume.

To me, that’s crypto. I like it weird. I wouldn’t necessarily follow the guy for financial or investment advice. But after talking to him, I’ve become a supporter, a fan. I like it that he exists, that he’s trying to change his life, and that he’s learning and growing. I also like his candor and how he’s not backing down. Super curious to see where this leads him, almost as much as I am curious about the space’s future itself.

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