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Bitcoin Cash Devs Meet, Shorting Interest & Crypto Stocks Rise, Europol Crackdown

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Bitcoin Cash devs meet via online video conference. Shorting interest reaches new high during the bull market. Crypto-related stocks benefit from bitcoin’s upward price rally. Europol arrests 6 people linked to 24 million euro crypto theft. Chainalysis hires FinCEN veteran to tackle FATF’s new regulations. Chainlink launching on Coinbase Pro, and Binance research reveals hodling is strong among institutional investors.

Bitcoin Cash Devs Meet Ahead of November Upgrade

On 20 June 2019, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) devs met through video conference for only the second time since the recent 15 May 2019 upgrade. Amaury Sechet, Jason B. Cox, Antony Zegers represented Bitcoin ABC; independent developer Mark Lundeberg was present, and added a lot to the discussion; Josh Ellithorpe and Chris Pacia represented BCHD; Andrea Suisani represented Bitcoin Unlimited, and Fernando Pelliccioni represented Bitprim. The meeting was hosted by David R. Allen, and lasted slightly under 30 minutes. On the agenda was preparing for the November 2019 upgrade: status of various node implementations regarding upgrade readiness, draft specification pull requests, Schnorr for CHECKMULTISIG, BIP 62 (NULLDUMMY & Minimal Data), an update on Bitcoin ABC tx index change (0.19.7 release), and QUIC Protocol were all discussed.

Shorting Interest Rises as Bitcoin Price Reaches New Highs

Bitcoin Cash Devs

Shorting bitcoin is the new trend, as indicated via CME’s data published by Bloomberg. While the market is still bullish, having gained more than 240% this year, and experts think it will keep growing, there is a record number of short contracts open, waiting for the price to come down in order to take profit. Bitcoin volatility has returned, trading interest has also soared, with futures having reached record numbers recently.

Crypto Rally Benefits Crypto Related Stocks

Bitcoin Cash Devs

The current bull market has not only benefited crypto holders, but it also spread to some cryptocurrency related stocks that have soared by association. Grayscale Bitcoin Trust BTC, Riot Blockchain Inc, DPW Holdings Inc, and Marathon Patent Group, all cryptocurrency related securities, have increased their valuations as a result of bitcoin going over $12K levels.

Europol Arrests 6 People Linked to Crypto Theft in the Millions

Bitcoin Cash Devs

Europol, the joint police service of Europe, arrested six people in the UK and the Netherlands related to the theft of more than 24 Million euros worth of bitcoin. The arrest was the result of a 14 month investigation involving UK and Dutch police, along with Europol itself. The men are accused of spoofing a cryptocurrency exchange site, building a similar site to steal customers’ data to access their accounts and swipe funds. The theft impacted 4,000 victims in 12 countries.

Chainalysis brings AML Veteran to Tackle New FATF Rules

Bitcoin Cash Devs

Chainalysis, a blockchain and cryptocurrency research firm, hired a veteran anti-money laundering (AML) expert from FinCEN to help tackle new regulations established by the FATF (Financial Action Task Force) when it comes to cryptocurrency transactions. Mike Mosier will be acting as chief technical counsel, to bring his expertise about how to comply with new requirements. Mosier has extensive experience in AML, working with the OFAC and the Department of Justice.

Chainlink is Launching on Coinbase Pro

Bitcoin Cash Devs

Chainlink, an Ethereum token (LINK), is now being introduced into Coinbase Pro. Oracle contracts, native to this platform, have the ability to pair Ethereum with other sources, giving it a great value for development purposes. Coinbase will offer two trading pairs for LINK, one with USDT and another one with Ethereum.

Binance Research Reveals “Hodling” is the New Trend Among Institutional Investors

Bitcoin Cash Devs

Binance Research revealed the results of its latest survey among VIP and institutional customers. The report, called “Institutional Market Insights” identified that long term investing (or hodling, as popularly known) was the most used trading strategy among these clients (56% of them). Also, most of the customers use stablecoins as a store of value and for trading, USDT being the most popular, and 65% of them are involved in leveraged trading.

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