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SLP Token Virtual Three Day Hackathon Set to Kick Off at 12pm UTC on September 27

TL;DR: Teams are forming. Thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrency in prize money has been gathered. Helpful communication channels are at the ready. It’s almost Simple Ledger Protocol Virtual Hackathon time, as of publication mere hours away. It’s a chance for developers of all levels to work with the SLP standard while innovating over a three day period from the comfort of their homes. 

SLP Token Virtual Three Day Hackathon Set to Kick-Off

It’s the first of its kind for the ecosystem, a virtual hackathon based solely around SLP. For interested entrants, there’s still time to get involved. Here are some quick links to get started:


Begins, September 27th, 12PM UTC; ends, September 30th, 12PM UTC.

Website: https://slp.dev
Rules: https://github.com/SLPVH/hackathon-rules
Recommended Reading: https://github.com/SLPVH/hackathon-rules/blob/master/advice_to_contestants.md

Create an SLP wallet: https://badger.bitcoin.com; post SLP address in the Telegram chat.

Ideas are Flowing

Ideas continue to flow, such as developer Chris Troutner’s prototype. “I have a sideshift branch of slp-cli-wallet. It’s a prototype for doing a shift between BCH and USDH:
https://github.com/christroutner/bch-cli-wallet/blob/sideshift/src/commands/trade-info.js ” Troutner also notes how “it won’t work if you’re in the USA or other countries banned from trading from SideShift. You’ll need to use a VPN or VPS outside the USA to circumvent those restrictions. I’d love to see a PR that allows for trading between BCH, SPICE, and USDH using the Cryptophyl REST API: http://docs.cryptophyl.com/. I’d be willing to give any team that develops this prototype 100K SPICE tokens.”


Not too long after Troutner’s suggestion, SLP exchange Cryptophyl CEO Semyon Germanovich agreed to match Troutner’s 100K SPICE in kind, “Absolutely willing to do so, would be awesome!”

Hackathon organizer Jt posted to the chat with just 24 hours before the kickoff, “I’m super excited to see what everyone builds! If you haven’t yet signed up or some of your teammates haven’t hopped into chat yet please do so. Make sure your Github account works and you can create your repo and start hacking. Remember it starts at 12pm UTC on Friday — Please check in [the Telegram chat] and give an update on what you’ll be working on – it doesn’t have to be right at that time though :). If you are having absolutely any trouble getting up and going with any of the tools, or just have any questions, please leave a message in the [Telegram chat] and if someone is available they’ll be able to help you. Hope we can make some great stuff, it’s going to be a fun weekend!”


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