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SPICEtoshi Speaks! It Must Flow: Meet the Mysterious Creator of the Bitcoin Cash SLP SPICE Token

TL;DR: We were just as surprised as anyone to see someone created SPICE token. It appeared just after the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain allowed for Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) tokens to exist. SPICE made its way to Telegram groups, and people love to tip it, showing their appreciation for a comment, meme, or general post. Its popularity continues to grow, even achieving something like a monetary value on Sideshift AI recently. CoinSpice caught up with SPICE’s mysterious creator, SPICEtoshi, to get exclusive details behind the token. 

SPICE Token: An Overview

CoinSpice, before anything else, is a community. Everyone is a free agent, doing what they want under the banner of promoting censorship resistant, borderless, peer-to-peer digital cash for the world. The rest is up for debate. SPICE token was created earlier this year, and is not affiliated with CoinSpice proper in any way. It’s an homage to the community, what SPICEtoshi calls an appreciation token. No ICO. No board. No scammy come-ons. It’s a playful reminder to have fun with cryptocurrency and its derivations.

spice token

SPICE has its own website, Telegram tipping bot, RSS feed, faucet, a Twitter account, and is supported by at least four wallets: Electron Cash, Badger, Crescent, and Monarch. Perhaps its best quality is not taking things too seriously. Those who contribute to the project understand cryptocurrency’s main focus: currency, cash, separating governments and money, with the hope of liberating a lot of people in the process. SPICE token is simply a fun way to experiment with the tech along that journey.

Interview With SPICEtoshi: Recipe for Proper Disaster

CoinSpice: How did you come up with SPICE token?

SPICEtoshi: At the beginning, it was just a test of the BCH SLP protocol. An “appreciation” token, meaning that someone posts something, and if it meets certain criteria, you shower them with appreciation. In this case, with SPICE. Really it was a mix of happenstance that sparked the idea of SPICE.

I happened upon a glorious Telegram channel which had one major rule, “Don’t make things less fun.” That was CoinSpice’s Telegram group, for those that don’t know. This rule of “Don’t make things less fun” is completely subjective, yet for some reason works. Out of ALL the groups/chats/subreddits I have partaken in over these last 8 or so years, CoinSpice Telegram group is not only THE best group I have come across to date, but their cryptocurrency focused news site is also the best in its class.

SPICE token

Bitcoin Cash SLP was just becoming a thing and it was clear to me that it would be to BCH what ERC-XX was to Ethereum, except better. SLP exists in a world where people are still attempting to get P2P cash right, so SLP at the time was devoid of the idea of “dApps.” Thankfully it still is. If you are going to attempt dApps, get the p2p cash ideals right first — or not try dApps at all, I say.

The CoinSpice Telegram used to have points members to give to one another, right?  

CoinSpice Telegram group had a bot which allowed members of the group to pass around arbitrary points to other members who posted content which was appreciation worthy. Someone asked, “What would happen if an arbitrary token was created to replace these arbitrary points?” The perfect recipe for PROPER disaster seemed within reach, now known as SPICE.

With a little bit of development, a VERY tiny amount of vision, and ignoring laughter that came with explaining this idea to “those in the know,” SPICE was born. Two people entered the project, and within weeks of PoC (Proof of Concept), a ragged, degenerate bunch of 10+ international member group formed to bring us what we see today.

I should mention that aside from the group of 10+, a lot of what SPICE is today has also been cultivated by others who, while not directly involved, still understood its goal: to be the ULTIMATE arbitrary appreciation token or … Numero Uno. I can’t believe it still exists, to be honest.

Why call it SPICE? What motivated to go with that name? What are the specifics of the token?

Spice is life. CoinSpice group existing definitely played a part in the name of the token. It’s a fixed mintage at 1 billion, which are spread throughout the interwebs to grease wheels just enough to get people interested. 140MM SPICE are kept in reserve for future use and development.

spice token

What can you tell us about the future of SPICE and its related tech?

Spice Bot is just a distribution mechanism. Much more is being worked on aside from that. Also, we should not forget about the upcoming faucet which will allow anyone to grab a bit of SPICE per 24 hour period for the foreseeable future. Spice Feed is just a beta version of what it will be later. We have a gamification scheme for it that will be rolling out this year along with introducing PoF: Proof of Fren — a new concept in the appreciation token niche.

So SPICE is constantly developing?

Every day, all day. Literally hundreds of messages behind the scenes daily.

Now that SPICE has been assigned a face value, do you think it is cheap?

Yes. Whoever is pricing the market, is doing it at a 1,000x handicap.

Do you consider this a milestone for SPICE?

Not really. SPICE is so much more than a face value. SPICE is a social mechanism that allows you to say to another human being, “Hey… I like your stuff, your content fulfills me in some way.” Humans put face value on everything, but it’s hard to put a value on appreciation. I liked it better when SPICE was “priceless.”

Anything you would like to add?

It Must Flow.

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