Terror in South Africa: Man Burned and Beaten for His Bitcoin

Terror in South Africa: Man Burned and Beaten for His Bitcoin

A man identified as “Andrew” was burned, beaten and tortured for his bitcoin. This happened in a South African region called Soweto. Andrew was attacked on his way to give a presentation about cryptocurrencies in a private residence. The man survived the incident but is still in intensive care. 

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Burned and Beaten for his Bitcoin

Supposedly “Andrew” was a cryptocurrency trader that gave lectures and speeches about the subject. Andrew was contacted through social media by an individual to get him to give a cryptocurrency speech and demonstration at a private house, a mistake that would prove terrible for him.  According to sources, he was greeted and invited into the residence, and then was drugged with a cloth soaked in some kind of substance that made him sleep.

Terror in South Africa: Man Burned and Beaten for His Bitcoin

Then, he was transported to another place and surrounded with other individuals who were torturing him to get his cryptocurrency wallet info. They burned him with a hot iron and beat him until he agreed to cooperate. The man transferred the equivalent of more than $60,000 dollars to the criminals in bitcoin. They also took his laptop and phones.

Then they took him outside and dumped on an undetermined road. The way that he arrived at the hospital is not detailed, but he is now in intensive care due to the burns and the hits.

Cryptocurrency Crime

This is not the first time that crypto is the protagonist of a kidnap and assault. Earlier this year, a group of policemen in India attacked a cryptocurrency investor, kidnapped him and took him to a lonely spot to extort him. They beat him and forced him to transfer 200 bitcoin to another cryptocurrency wallet.

Also, in another curious case, Yury Mayorov, a cryptocurrency developer was taken from the street and beaten by some individuals who robbed him of more than 300 bitcoin. This was in Russia, as the subject was preparing to take a trip to India.

Terror in South Africa: Man Burned and Beaten for His Bitcoin

These kind of violent crimes are almost always pointed directly to an individual that the criminals have already studied and who are known to have relatively large amounts of cryptocurrency.

Security Tip

Privacy and discreetness are of paramount importance. This is why people like Google security lead Mark Risher states it is important not to brag about cryptocurrency earnings or expose our identity to hackers and scammers online.

But as we saw in today’s story, the danger is not only about getting our assets robbed, but also of grave danger to our person. With cryptocurrencies you are your own bank, so the responsibility of keeping your funds safe, along with yourself, is yours alone.

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