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Tether, Bitfinex Score Court Win; CoinDesk Apologizes to KIK CEO, bitFlyerUSA Supports BCH

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Tether, Bitfinex score a court victory in their battle against the New York Attorney General (NYAG). Coindesk apologizes for publishing fake story about KIK CEO Ted Livingston. Hodl Hodl exchange to open its code for 2020. Bitcoin will be accepted in 25K stores in France next year. bitFlyer adds bitcoin cash to their platform, and Kraken will debut Chainlink and Dai trading.

Tether, Bitifinex Score Court Win

Tether Appeal

The Tether and Bitfinex legal fight with the New York Attorney General Office is still raging, but now the two companies will not have to provide more documents to the NYAG, they can stop altogether. The Appellate Division of the New York Supreme Court stayed a decision taken in August, forcing these two companies to produce a set of documents to explain the terms of the loan Tether gave Bitfinex to compensate hundreds of millions in losses. The NYAG has until early November to appeal this decision.

CoinDesk Apologizes to KIK CEO

Cryptocurrency news outlet CoinDesk published what turned out to be a hoax regarding KIK CEO Ted Livingston. It maintained Livingston was thinking about leaving his charge at the company due to an ongoing SEC legal battle. The problem is Livingston was, at the time of the supposed conversation, on a plane he from Tel Aviv to Washington without an internet connection, and so could not respond. CoinDesk apologized and assured they will be reviewing their guidelines and policies to avoid these kind of incidents in the future.

Hodl Hodl to Open Source Its Code by 2020

Tether Appeal

The popular cryptocurrency exchange Hodl Hodl is planning to open source their platform’s software by the year 2020. According to their CEO Max Keidun, doing so would help individuals or parties to get their own exchanges running should Hodl Hodl ever become unusable or blocked. The company might be feeling the heat of having to deal with upcoming FATF KYC regulations as a decentralized exchange that does not enforce these rules.

Bitcoin Will Be Accepted in 25K+ Stores In France

Tether Appeal

Real cryptocurrency adoption will be happening in France, now that local companies have partnered with GlobalPOS to have more than 25K stores accepting bitcoin next year. According to the company, this is a step forward to “go safely into the world economy 3.0.” The deal includes important franchise names such as Foot Locker, Decathlon, Conforama, Sephora, and Intersport. GlobalPOS’s own system will manage conversions for merchants to receive euros without having to worry about handling crypto themselves.

bitFlyer USA Introduces Bitcoin Cash Trading

The US branch of bitFlyer, a Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange, has greenlighted the addition of three new cryptocurrencies to its lineup. Bitcoin cash, litecoin, and ethereum classic are now available to purchase and trade. Apparently was more demand in the US for these three cryptocurrencies, and the exchange signaled they committed to adding more coins as they’re able.

Kraken Adds Chainlink and Dai Trading

Kraken, one of the most important US-based cryptocurrency exchanges, will introduce two new cryptocurrencies to its platform: the oracle contract powered Chainlink and the algorithmic stablecoin Dai, both being ethereum-based tokens with great relevance for data purposes and financial adoption. The trading will start at 13:30 UTC on 24 September 2019, with four trading pairs established for each currency: LINK/USD, LINK/EUR, LINK/XBT, LINK/ETH for Chainlink, and DAI/USD, DAI/EUR, DAI/USDT, ETH/DAI for Dai.

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