The Block Has a New Editor-in-Chief: Meet John Biggs

The Block Has a New Editor-in-Chief: Meet John Biggs

With a slight tweak here and there, we’re rebranding Milk to The CoinSpice Podcast. It just makes everything smoother and easier to find if you’re a crypto savage looking for spice. The inaugural episode is a swanky one: John Biggs, new Editor-in-Chief out at The Block

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John Biggs of The Block Writes to Help His Father Better Understand Crypto

Having consulted to The Block for a while, John Biggs was actually offered Editor-in-Chief once before. He decided to wait on accepting, and instead watched as publisher Mike Dudas assembled a hot-shot team looking for nothing else other than total world domination.

The Block Has a New Editor-in-Chief: Meet John Biggs
John Biggs

Biggs was convinced, formally announcing recently in a post outlining his basic take on things. He’s cut his journalistic teeth at TechCrunch previously, where he made a name for himself as someone who knew the space not only as a writer but also from its wonkier side. His curiosity about cryptocurrency came as early as 2011, and, with some minor exceptions, he’s never really looked back.

He explains the way he instructs journalists is to look beyond serving the audience already there, diehards, and instead focusing more effort on making the ecosystem and its vagaries accessible to anyone with even the slightest inclination. Biggs arrived at this philosophy by attempting to explain modern tech and gadgetry to his very literate and savvy father.

Outside the Bull’s Eye is the Rest of the World

A key metaphor Biggs employs is one of a dartboard, and how it’s rather easy pickins to write for a small number of people in a niche space. He feels The Block has done that well-enough already, and hopes its future will be one where people such as his father will gravitate to the site in order to better understand money’s future.

The Block Has a New Editor-in-Chief: Meet John Biggs

He also reveals near-future plans for the startup, which involve some pretty bold changes in how its content is consumed. The discussion then veers into what amounts to the tension between paid advertising and patronage, and what Biggs sees as good journalism.

It’s time for the news coverage of the ecosystem to mature.

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