The Boys are Back: Otto and Mercier Air YouTube CoinSpice Show #2

The Boys are Back: Otto and Mercier Air YouTube CoinSpice Show #2

TL;DR: The CoinSpice Show #2 is up on YouTube. Executive Editor Hayden Otto and developer Corentin Mercier are in their respective parts of the world this episode, and use the BCH May 2019 upgrade as a jumping-off point to discuss innovation, market trends, and implications from the Binance hack and Bitfinex revelations, among other topics. As always, they recommend critical thought and thinking for oneself when trying to make sense of the biggest stories in crypto. 

Otto and Mercier Air YouTube CoinSpice Show #2

The CoinSpice Show brings together an experienced crypto trader in Otto and technical expert in Mercier. That combination can provide a whale of information for enthusiasts who get the benefit of eavesdropping on their conversations.

By design, the program is meant to be both topical and evergreen, helping viewers break the spell of what Otto calls “getting played.” As the bull mark begins, and new users pour into the space, both he and Mercier give them an inside look behind the headlines, dissecting recent exchange hacks such as with Binance.

Both men have their own opinions on the matter and its eventual conclusion, but they’re also careful to breakdown why they approach it the way they do. Are funds really SAFU, a viral made-up word for fans of the exchange, when they’re backed-up by tokens the exchange can mint at will? Did the CEO’s admitting seriously considering rolling back and reorg-ing the BTC chain set off enough alarm bells … not just about the silliness of the idea itself, but about his general competence and bitcoin IQ?

These and other subjects are taken-on by Mercier and Otto to bring folks, perhaps too busy to read everything during the week, a nice summary and analysis of the most important stories in the ecosystem.

DISCLOSURE: The author holds cryptocurrency as part of his financial portfolio, including BCH. 

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