The Simpsons Explain Crypto, Digital Yuan Worries Japan, Crypto YouTubers Censored Again

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Cryptocurrencies explained in an episode of The Simpsons. The issuance of a digital yuan worries Japan. EOS withdrawals and deposits disabled by Coinbase. Youtube blocks some cryptocurrency-related content creators yet again. New report states BCH dominated retail sales in Australia during January, and New Jersey introduces a bill that would require cryptocurrency businesses to get a license to operate.

The Simpsons Feature Cryptocurrencies as Cash of the Future

The Simpsons, legendary American sitcom with more than 30 years on the air, featured an explanation of cryptocurrency and its use. The segment shows Jim Parsons, the actor who depicts Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory series, explaining to Lisa the basics of how decentralized ledger technology works, remarking he is not a nerd for knowing. Also, The Simpsons episode states they know the identity of Satoshi, but they aren’t telling.

Digital Yuan Worries Japan

The Simpsons

Japan Finance Minister Taro Aso expressed his concerns about the possible issuance of a digital yuan in a meeting G20 leaders held in Riyadh this week. “There is a big risk in a central bank digital currency unless the regulation is well-sorted,” he explained, making reference to the launch of a digital yuan by China that could happen later this year. “I would say ‘hold on’ for the issuance of a government-backed digital currency, at least for now,” he concluded. Japan has called for the support of the US to fight the effect this new digital currency can have over the hegemony of the dollar worldwide.

EOS Disabled by Coinbase

Coinbase, arguably the most important US-based cryptocurrency exchange, informed users about degraded performance levels in the EOS blockchain, a smart contract enabled cryptocurrency. While the incident was communicated on February 20, the status indicates they are still investigating the issue, meaning it has not been resolved as of publication. EOS sends have been temporarily disabled and receives may be delayed, according to their report. Coinbase reported about EOS congestion happening before as a result of the airdrop of a token called EIDOS.

Cryptocurrency YouTubers Suspended Again

Cryptocurrency YouTuber Omar Bham alerted the community to the fact YouTube is blocking or terminating the accounts of several crypto content creators such as Ivan On Tech. According to his report, their content would have been qualified as abusive, malicious or harmful by the platform. This would not be the first time YouTube has done this. Last December, YouTube also banned important cryptocurrency streamers from their platform in an event widely referred to as “The Purge,” with the company quietly reverting it by restoring most of the accounts suspended eventually.

Bitcoin Cash Keeps Dominating Australian Retail Crypto Spending

Bitcoin BCH, an Australia-based site, released its report on cryptocurrency expenditure at retail businesses for the month of January 2020. Bitcoin Cash captured more than 90% of the cryptocurrency spending during that period, with $40,000+ spent at retail locations. Also, the HULA system continues to beat TravelByBit (TBB). The TBB point-of-sale system recently removed BTC and Bitcoin Cash from their payment roster due to worries about possible double-spending on their platform. The detailed report, and the reports from months before, can be found on the Bitcoin BCH page.

New Jersey Introduces Bill to Require Licenses for Crypto Companies

The Simpsons

New Jersey lawmakers introduced a bill that could make cryptocurrency companies apply for a license in order to operate in the state’s jurisdiction. The bill, introduced on February 20 and called “Digital Asset and Blockchain Technology Act,” would require cryptocurrency companies to turn over some important data such as their legal names, their legal history, and how they manage KYC/AML policies. According to its sponsor, Assemblywoman Yvonne Lopez, lawmakers “must take steps to protect consumers looking to invest in cryptocurrency, while also allowing the sector to continue to develop and expand in New Jersey.”

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