TOP CRYPTO TWEETS: Alyssa Milano Printer Go Brrr; Bitcoin’s Huge Year in Africa; India’s Life in Prison for Crypto Custody Violation

Alyssa Milano

TL;DR: CoinSpice scours the Twittersphere to shine light upon the top crypto tweets of the week. American actress Alyssa Milano gives her take on US monetary and fiscal policy. Bitcoin appears to be having a great year in Africa. CoinJoin privacy called into question by pioneer. India crypto custody rules turn grim, and Binance really is an ecosystem unto itself. 

#13 Alyssa Milano Urges Brrr

It’s no secret the US is celebrity obsessed. From its political chief executive to advice on matters sacred and profane, Americans look to the famous for guidance. Alyssa Milano is a star of yesteryear, if we’re being honest, probably best known for her situation comedy work as a child (Who’s the Boss) and television role as a 20-something witch (Charmed), and is rumored to have been the ironic muse for Nirvana’s classic song, Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Today, she is more closely associated with progressive politics and activism on that front, often using her fame as a platform. Her expertise apparently is boundless, ranging from women’s and animals’ rights to now fiscal and monetary policy. Coronavirus and her political foes’ response (or lack thereof as she sees it) means the country’s central bank should “Print cash,” among other remedies.

Notable too is how the printer go brrr notion is paired with Universal Basic Income and a nationwide shut down of the world’s most valued economy. It would be easy to dismiss Milano as an aging starlet long-since past her prime, begging for any amount of attention she can muster. However, her thoughts and proscriptions are well-within mainstream progressive politics, and seemingly more voters are willing to consider inflating the US money supply as at least part of the solution toward avoiding complete economic meltdown.

#14 Fun Comparison

#13 Bitcoin Having Huge Year in Africa

#12 Interesting Window Into Nigerian Culture

#11 DEXs Easier to Use Than CEXs

#10 Blue Check Karen

#9 It’s All About Focus

#8 No Exchanges, No KYC

#7 The Irony

#6 Anonymous Gold Standard

#5 Follow the Money

#4 Maximum Punishment – Life Imprisonment

#3 A World Unto Itself

#2 Perspective

#1 Big Fish Swallow Little Fish


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