TOP CRYPTO TWEETS: BTC is Dogecoin at This Point, Just Replace the Noun


TL;DR: CoinSpice scours the Twittersphere to shine light upon the top crypto tweets of the week. BTC is basically Dogecoin at this point. Cryptocurrency adoption work in Venezuela gets a boots thanks to Flipstarter. Kraken exchange CEO throws shade at rival Coinbase over security. Cardano MLM China accusations land influencer in hot water, and Roger Ver digital art goes up for auction.

#13 BTC is Dogecoin at This Point

Even though @embeeteecee is only trying to make a point, it’s a solid one. BTC influencers have become part of a meme for its own sake, pushing empty jingoisms. The supposed value proposition, aside from maybe the vaunted Network Effect, is hard to suss out between BTC and the often laughed at Dogecoin.

Perhaps the difference is at least the Dogecoin community members know it’s a joke. And when TikTokers recently attempted to make the meme coin pump to a $1.00, it got a lot of press and sneers. But the real joke is on those who are attempting to pass off an unreliable, costly, slow inferior piece of tech: BTC.

The brilliance in Photo-Shopping BTC evangelists’ tweets is how silly they read when only the noun is changed. Anyone can see through their ridiculous pseudo-arguments, the obvious desperation of heavy, heavy bags.

12.5 Maybe

#12 Not Wrong

#11 Three Cheers for Bitcoin Cash Ryver Venezuela: Fully Funded!

#10 Didn’t Want to Profit From Selling Out Your Financial Privacy

#9 Fallout Continues

Context here.

#8 Phenomena Emerging and Remaining

#7 Robinhood Users Traded Options 14x more than E*Trade, 88x than Schwab

#6 Privacy-Preserving Shielded Zcash Address

#5 Lessons From Bitcoin Gold 51% Attempt

#4 Future POTUS is School on Tether

#3 Citizen Journalism is Super Necessary

#2 Difficulty of Displacing an Established Money

#1 One OG Felt So Strongly


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