TOP CRYPTO TWEETS Burn the Witch! Trace Mayer Accused of Shitcoinery by BTC Maximalists

TL;DR: CoinSpice scours the Twittersphere to shine light upon the top crypto tweets of the week. BTC maximalists are on the hunt for Trace Mayer’s head. Mayer is himself a maxi, popularizer of the Not Your Keys Not Your Bitcoin movement, and no stranger to finding grave fault in other who dare stray from the maxi line. He evidently crossed it himself a recent BTC maxi conference, promoting an unapproved project, and Defenders of the Faith are outraged, scandalized. 

#1 Trace Mayer Accused of Shitcoinery by BTC Maximalists

“Disgraceful,” “disgusting,” “a new level of shamelessness” were all used unironically by BTC maxi and self-appointed Inquisitional Officer Giacomo Zucco at another well-known maxi, Trace Mayer, during the annual Unconfiscatable 2020 conference. Over three days recently in Las Vegas, the trusted circle of Believers gathered for poker, meat, and to echo one another in thought — no deviation, no dissent.

Trace Mayer
Mayer was listed as a prime guest for the conference.

Evidently Mayer did not get the message. “Trace can’t go around in Bitcoin conferences giving noobs shitcoin promotion codes (true story) if he doesn’t create some Bitcoin FUD narrative first. Sad that people don’t challenge his bullshit,” Zucco first hinted at Mayer’s thoughtcrime. According to Zucco, Mayer was handing out rather plain handbills at the conference, promoting Mimblewimble Coin (MWC). It touted being “100x BTC in two months,” and pointed to a website for more information (see image, below).

“People spend effort, time & money to organize educational events about Bitcoin,” Zucco raged, “while having a good laugh at shitcoin scams. Then somebody takes advantage of all that effort to distribute promotion codes for his own pump&dump scam. Don’t trust ‘OGs.’ Stack sats & CoinJoin.”

Et tu, Trace?

The entire affair drips with irony. Initially, maxi faithful and followers of Zucco were confused. They though the infamously sarcastic Inquisitor was joking. Cognitive dissonance was so strong, some even clapped back at Zucco, claiming Mayer was perhaps engaging in a kind of performance art, joke-within-a-joke scenario. More still were in utter disbelief that it could’ve been Mayer at all. “Correct,” Zucco blasted. “It’s him. All those recent ‘concerns about [CoinJoin] risks’ of his were just a shameful, disgusting stunt to promote a pump&dump. He took advantage of a Bitcoin/anti-shitcoin conference like @unconfiscatable to try to sell this shit to noobs & less knowledgeable attendees.”

Handbill attributed to Trace Mayer, distributed at a BTC maxi conference.

Maxis often suffer from agita at their own making, and disinformation campaigns, censorship, double-dealing, playing both sides against the middle, head fakes are simply part of being a BTC maxi truther. So it’s little wonder maxi fans were flummoxed, taken-aback. The irony compounds further when one considers Mayer’s general disposition.

Mayer, as BTC maxis are wont, can be uncharitable, biting, holier-than-thou when going after perceived foes, often placing himself as the arbiter of what is right, correct, good for Bitcoiners. The culture he’s helped to cultivate is now turning on him. Interestingly as well,  the normally eager, always up for an online battle Mayer has gone, as of publication, radio silent in this latest dustup involving an accused shitcoin peddler purge, however.

Andreas Antonopoulos

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