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TOP CRYPTO TWEETS: More Hotep Jesus Bitcoin Bloodsport, We Love Jörg Molt, DASHer to BCH?

TL;DR: CoinSpice scours the Twittersphere to shine light upon the top crypto tweets of the week. Hotep Jesus announced another BTC v BCH debate, but not without some pushback. Bitcoin co-founder claimant, and all-around gorgeous man, Jörg Molt is being dogged. Will the DASH Latin America head switch over to Bitcoin Cash? Twitter’s CEO wants to ice skate, and much more in this super fun installment. 

Tweets of the Week: #7 Hotep Jesus Bitcoin Bloodsport

The Hotep movement is, for now, particular to the United States and African Americans. They’re harkening back to a Black Nationalism familiar to the likes of Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey — a return to pan-African pride. Hotep Jesus is a popular evangelist of the philosophy-slash-movement, and he’s taken to Bitcoin in recent months.

He’s hosted a series of online debates through his YouTube channel, and they’ve received good reviews from all sides. He appears most interested in BTC and its forks, and will present his second debate on BTC versus BCH. This round will feature Paul Sztorc for BTC and Vin Armani for BCH.

Sztorc is a huge brain, really smart. He’s probably best known for his work on side chains and prediction markets. He’s dabbled in the Bitcoin Cash community but remains a bigger champion of BTC, for reasons he’ll no doubt outline during the debate.

Armani is also thought to be a brainiac, but, at least on the surface, appears to be more well-rounded as an entrepreneur, reality television star, and evangelist for voluntaryism. He’s co-founder of projects like CoinText, and has really amped up his favoring of BCH over the last year and a half.

#6.5 Hello? Is it Satoshi You’re Looking For?

The Hotep Jesus debate series ran into a bit of backlash recently with some Bitcoin Cash enthusiasts when he announced the initial counter to Sztorc being someone considered lukewarm, at best, to BCH as its to-be advocate. While it is certainly Hotep Jesus’ debate series to cultivate as he wishes, he took concerns about a better contrast seriously and chose a more full-throated defender of BCH and its roadmap in Vin Armani. Mike in Space took the opportunity to poke fun at everyone.

#6 Leave Jörg Alone!

It looks as if our man crush, Jörg Molt, is being dogged by an ecosystem OG who forced Molt into making his Twitter account private. Molt claimed to be Bitcoin’s co-founder, and reportedly circulated a picture suggesting he and Andreas Antonopoulos were tight. That started a feud, and Antonopoulos refuses to let up.

#5 Cuttin’ Heads, Stacking Sats

#4 Unauthorized Charges Don’t Happen in Bitcoin

#3 Former DASH Latin America Head Looking at Bitcoin Cash

#2 Jack on Ice

#1 Tired of Waiting for BTC to Improve? Go Fork Yourself!

Hotep Jesus

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