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TOP CRYPTO TWEETS of the WEEK: BTC Issues Created Libra, Banks Suck, The Block’s Legal Woes

TL;DR: CoinSpice scours the Twittersphere to shine light upon the top crypto tweets of the week. This week, three threads are really worth reading. Peter Rizun shows how BTC issues led to the creation of Facebook Coin Libra. Brad Mills details the heartbreaking story of his grandfather being a loyal banking customer. CEO of crypto news outlet The Block reveals how the ecosystem is becoming more litigious by the second. Looks like we for sure know who is not Satoshi. BitMEX throws shade at Binance, and a very cruel wager is made.  

Tweets of the Week #5 BTC Issues Created Facebook Coin

The scaling debate never seems to end, as the consequences continually rear back up. Bitcoin Unlimited’s Peter Rizun seized upon a recent podcast episode where Abra wallet’s CEO waxed about why Facebook Coin Libra was launched.

Indeed, why did ZuckCoin feel it necessary to reinvent the wheel, as it were? To hear/read Barhydt tell it, the choice came down to BTC developers’ intransigence regarding their refusal to raise block sizes to accommodate faster, less expensive micropayments.

#4 Fantastic Thread: Banks Suck

Mandatory reading. Brad Mills’ grandfather was treated miserably by a prominent legacy banking institution after decades of being a loyal customer. Really pounds home the point things need to drastically change, and how maybe cryptocurrency is an answer.

#3 This is Really, Really Terrifying

#2 Not Satoshi

#1 Hayes Throws Shade at CZ

A bizarre claim from the CEO of Binance came recently, insisting a market maker from another, smaller exchange attempted to attack Binance’s new futures platform. The story goes the attacker was foiled by Binance’s ingenuity and craftiness, tying index prices to liquidations, ultimately preventing disaster. Hayes, CEO of BitMEX, wants the record corrected as to the innovation’s innovator.

#0 Not Very Nice

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