TOP CRYPTO TWEETS Pomp Suspended, Resurrected; Cold Storage Wars; 75,000 Bitcoin Mentions

TL;DR: CoinSpice scours the Twittersphere to shine light upon the top crypto tweets of the week. BTC cheerleader Pomp gets caught up on brigading, but the mistake is quickly fixed. Bitcoin mentions on Twitter hit a two-year high as markets rocket. Cold storage giants have beef. Kraken CEO weighs-in on coin mixing. Justin Sun agrees he’s smarter than Vitalik, and Lightning Network users confront a cruel reality. 

#7 Pomp Suspended, Resurrected in an Hour

Anthony Pompliano (Pomp) is a BTC cheerleader. His perennial bull stance has become a meme, denoting a credulity demonstrated by true-believing cult members. Pomp and his tweets are often filled with rocket emojis and his infamous “… is good for Bitcoin,” no matter the circumstance.

For whatever reason, Twitter gods suspended Pomp recently, and his sycophantic following took up digital arms. Pomp was reinstated within an hour, minus a giant chunk of his followers. Some wags insisted Pomp’s follower count is inflated due to bots and assorted gaming.

#6.5 Welp

#6.25 Follower Count Back Up


Pomp, of course, tows the BTC maximalist line, and so it’s little wonder his account was back and running in seemingly no time. His follower count was also reinstated. Contrast his experience with that of @karbonbased. Sometimes its good to have the same opinion as the Twitter CEO and co-founder.

#6 75,000 Bitcoin Tweets in a Single Day

The lingering bull run is considered culprit for a two-record recently. Bitinfocharts shows a 75,000 tweets bump in a single day in early February, as mentions of Bitcoin skyrocketed. Social media mentions are considered a good way to determine sentiment, but it’s hard to know if they’re directors or reflectors.

#5 Ledger and Trezor Got Beef, Son

Cold storage hardware manufacturers Ledger and Trezor have beef, and it has been going on a for a while. Ledger recently blogged about its superior security features, taking a swipe at rival Trezor. Marek Palatinus (“Slush”), a Trezor co-founder, clapped back (above), and so the hostility continues. Some say competition of this kind is ultimately good for consumers.

#4.5 They’re Not Wrong

#4 Money Laundering is Already Illegal

#3 Justin Sun is Smarter Than Vitalik

#2 Getting it Done

#1 The Perils of a Custodial Coin

Andreas Antonopoulos

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