TOP CRYPTO TWEETS: The Missing Cryptoqueen Nominated for Best British Podcast Award

The Missing Cryptoqueen

TL;DR: CoinSpice scours the Twittersphere to shine light upon the top crypto tweets of the week. The unbelievably great podcast, The Missing Cryptoqueen, gets some love in the United Kingdom. Crypto YouTube influencers have an on-air meltdown. Coinbase CEO gets philosophical about people hating him, and Central Bank Digital Currencies are simply more of the same. 

#9 Missing Cryptoqueen Nominated for Best British Podcast

The Missing Cryptoqueen podcast told the story in real-time about OneCoin’s charismatic founder, Dr. Ruja Ignatova, and her abrupt disappearance in late 2017. We were able to grab investigative journalist Jamie Bartlett of the BBC to take us behind the scenes during a CoinSpice Podcast episode, and he confessed to having no idea where his serial would end up. Intrigue. Fraud. Heartbreak. Loss. Hope. Aspiration. Lies. It is equal parts funny, sad, maddening, and a real mirror up to the cryptocurrency space

The series simply blew up in popularity. As more crypto folks stumbled across it, still more regular listeners unfamiliar with our crazy ecosystem were compelled by Bartlett’s masterful narrative and true crime plot twists. He and partner Georgia Catt fused the mystery with a delve into the world of multi-level marketing hype, and discovered quite a bit of money, in the billions, was made by Ruja and OneCoin.

Where it all went, where she went, is still very much up for debate. Sleuths like Tim Tayshun (who we also interviewed) are still very much on the case, and indictments are regularly being handed down all over the world. In the meantime, The Missing Cryptoqueen has been nominated for a British Podcast Award and, last we heard, was also picked up as a possible multi-part television program.

#8 You Have to Watch This Clip — No Better Metaphor for Crypto Influencers

#7 At Least Two People Have a Claim on the Very Same Asset

#6 Be OK With People Hating You

#5 Not All Projects Censor Debate

#4 Lightning Losing Its Virtue Signal Luster

#3 Fees Just as Bad on ETH as on BTC

#2 Halving Will Lead to Insufficient Mining Output and Lower Industry Market Share

#1 Central Bank Digital Currencies are Same-Same

The Missing Cryptoqueen

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