TOP CRYPTO TWEETS: Thirst Trapping, $5 Retweet & Like Army, and “Hoes Still Mad”

TL;DR: CoinSpice scours the Twittersphere to shine light upon the top crypto tweets of the week. More like of the weekS. We’re trying to catch up on all the good stuff. Dormant crypto influencer Ashtoshi reemerges in thirst trapping troll, and kicks over a hornet’s nest of social media manipulation; Captain Kirk throws shade at CZ; Vitalik defends ETH inflation, and all that’s just for starters.  

#10 Thirst Trapping

The hard-drinking, vaping e-girl Texan crypto influencer Ashtoshi took a break from Twitter for a while, citing boredom and frustration. Well, she’s back. Recently, she posted a semi-ironic form of thirst trapping, bikini-clad in all her glory. The stated goal was tongue-in-cheek, “I might start posting thirst traps so I can get hate comments just to feel something again,” she lamented hours before the eventual reveal.

Thirst traps are exactly as they appear: a call for attention in a slightly sexual context. Evidently, Ashtoshi has been critical in the past about women in crypto showing skin for clout in a similar manner, and a fellow female influencer called her out. Rachel Siegel, known as CryptoFinally, immediately chimed-in skeptically, “Lol yeah we all believe you,” to which Ashtoshi responded about having recently lost her dog … attempting to square thirst trapping with needing some joy in her life.

“You know that every time you tweeted something nasty about me showing too much skin, I too, had my own life going on, right?” CryptoFinally shot back. “Lol I’ve literally been trolling you, like I said, go off,” Ashtoshi clapped. “Being sad does things to a girl” she offered further. And, in truth, it did seem most of Ashtoshi’s audience was ‘in’ on the joke/stunt, and lauded her for her, um, bravery (?). Whatever the case, Ashtoshi took the finely baited hate in stride, noticing, “Hoes still mad.”

#9 $5 Retweet and Like Army

The above kerfuffle also caught the attention of a crypto artist, pundit, and influencer known as Laurianna. She discovered a Telegram channel dedicated to promoting CryptoFinally, titled Finally’s Army (it is not displayed publicly on CryptoFinally’s social media links page and the last reference to a Telegram channel of a similar nature can no longer be found).

#8.5 Of Course Neeraj K. Agrawal Has to Flex

Inside joke.

#8.25 CryptoFinally Gets Cryptofungus’d

#8 Please Don’t Try to Claim Ethereum is Run by Inflationist Technocrats

#7 The Source Wanted to be Paid for Access

#6 How Many Other QuadrigaCXs Exist Today?

#5 It Can’t be Said Often Enough

#4 Logical Conclusion

#3 Please Pay it Forward

#2 You Were Probably a “Bit” Busy

#1 Appreciate the Decentralization and Privacy


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