Tunisia Emits Central Bank E-Dinar, Cryptocurrency Jobs Up 1,457%, EOS Congested by AirDrop

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Tunisia emits first central bank digital currency. Cryptocurrency jobs grew over 1,400% in four years. EOS network congested due to EIDOS airdrop. Coinbase changes confirmation requirements for four cryptocurrencies. PolloPollo combines blockchain, donations, and accountability in Venezuela, and Criptos.com.br to spread BCH awareness in Portuguese-speaking countries.

Tunisia Emits E-Dinar Central Bank Digital Currency


Tunisia, an unlikely rival for China, emitted the first central bank digital currency, called the E-Dinar, and made a symbolic transaction of 1 dinar between the Tunisian Central bank and the International Monetary Fund. Tunisia is very ambitious about the possibilities for its new e-currency made in partnership with a Russian development company called Universia, which will collect a percentage for each transaction made. The country plans to open 2,000 kiosks to allow citizens to convert their money in the future.

Cryptocurrency Jobs Grew 1,457% in 4 Years


Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and the job market is a reflection of that fact. According to a study from job posting firm Indeed, the number of cryptocurrency jobs has grown 1,457% in just four years, an immense percentage even with the current volatility of the market. The force behind this phenomenon is the demand of companies for cryptocurrency-related projects involving skilled engineering work such as programming.

EOS Blockchain Congested, According to Coinbase


An airdrop of a token called EIDOS for holders of EOS is congesting the blockchain, according to a report from US-based exchange Coinbase. On the same day the token was launched, Coinbase started experiencing degraded performance, and had to increase the amounts of resources staked to carry EOS transactions. The token is being airdropped by sending EOS through a smart contract and is virtually free apart from tx costs, and that appears to be clogging the network.

Coinbase Changes Confirmation Requirements Adjusted

Coinbase updated confirmation requirements to receive a transaction on their platform for 4 different cryptocurrencies. These new requirements reflect the company’s changing views on security for each project. “In the case of Bitcoin, Zcash, and Ethereum Classic, we determined that it was safe to reduce the confirmation requirement,” they stated. However, the number of confirmation required for Litecoin transactions went up due to the risk of a 51% attack.

PolloPollo Puts Groceries and Accountability on the Blockchain

PolloPollo, a new blockchain-based initiative is taking donations and transparency to a new level in Venezuela. People needing aid in the form of groceries can post a request for any of the products available, and donors can fulfill this request directly. Funds are instantly used, and those donated to directly receive aid, bypassing traditional concerns regarding the ultimate fate of funds invested. Users leverage blockchain without even knowing they are doing it, according to the company.

New Brazilian Site Criptos.com.br Spreads BCH Awareness

To fill the void of Bitcoin Cash favorable cryptocurrency sites in Portuguese, Marcelo Pravatta created a new news portal called criptos.com.br to spread Bitcoin Cash awareness in the Brazilian and Portuguese communities. Pravatta explained most of the sites in Portuguese only talk about BTC while ignoring other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, a coin he believes these communities might find useful.

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